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SPLASH QR Code Campaign – My Experience

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Hardly we see any tech smart campaigns that are actually tech smart enough for social media audience. Press like, write a comment and share it and tag 2000 friends of yours might just be a super successful formula but its a pain, its boring and that’s what everyone do. SPLASH had interesting thing up its sleeves and I surely had to experience it.

SPLASH came up with a QR code campaign (for details click here) in which scanning a bar code on your smart phone would earn you discounts on SPLASH clothing.

Let the pictures do some story telling of my experience with QR code campaign.


So this was the discount campaign and required for which was a smart phone and an app that scans the QR codes


Steps before scanning the codes was to be at Splash Store at The Ocean Mall


That’s how QR code worked


and what absolute fun Tees at discounted prices

and what absolute fun Tees at discounted prices



My experience was fun and  I did availed the discount, but advise to the management would be to let’s just, for the next time, the discount be on the complete range of items.


Author: umairhmirza


One thought on “SPLASH QR Code Campaign – My Experience

  1. Seems like u had a great experience.. Love the tees…

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