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Johnny Rockets – A casual dining experience


So after having the “what ever you want to eat , eat!” bloggers meetup session at Johnny rockets, this was the line that came in to my mind (in context to virgin galactic and VSS enterprise failing to make it into space) … Johnny “rockets” at least is not crashing..johnny_rocket

It is a service that Johnny Rockets do by mentioning in their menu that the burger you are about to order is “USA size” Medium or Large ! I mean take an example of their super hit Milkshakes ! some are such big fans of the shakes that they come for it only and my word soooo many flavors .. like crazy many ! So yeah , the medium Milkshake is not just served in Johnny Rockets trademark funky smart glass filled to the top, along with it comes a LASSI DA WADDA GLASS, half loaded with even more shake!


If above justifies their price tags towards high side, I am happily paying for it (and it’s not even junk food “eye brows raised”).  Although, I noted that Johnny Rockets have come out with some fabulous deals, which now makes their food somewhat or say in fact more affordable than the junkies.

Ah well, the junkies or the other junkies (eye brows raised part)??, because Johnny itself is selling Junk right??…Well  NO!! Us the bloggers, I tell you, didn’t throw a single slow ball to the marketing guy of Johhny Rockets,  Mr. Shehryar , but all bouncers.

One of the questions that I asked was of the price of their food, which was but then well justified with the macho sized meals that were served (already discussed above) ! That came in almost as a shut up we are not expensive at all call . LOL !

Another important question was about how on earth can Johnny Rockets proclaim that by selling burgers they don’t fall  in the category of others i.e. junkies (note to readers: I LOVE JUNK TOO!) . To this, Shehryar came up with some technical and convincing talk. Let’s just keep it simple and easy here:

1.  Patties are made and cooked when you give its order. And in junk world, they are all processed and kept in a freezer since God knows when.

2.  My extremely delicious St. Louis ( No Hasina , my fellow blogger, it might have looked like Hanifia ka burger , but very much St. Louis :D) (Guys, must try) ( I am so having it again) (enough of the brackets) took almost 15 minutes to cook and eventually served. No junk in the world takes 15 minutes to cook!! One may end up eating 3 junkies in 15 mins though… !


3. Oil is like what Oil ?? One has to be man enough by letting us to check out their Kitchen. Team Johnny took us to their Kitchen and showed us how it was all being done.


There was hardly any use of oil, the meat is cooked in its own fat and grilled and their exists nothing like deep frying, except for onion rings and potato fries. Who doesn’t want their fries not deep fried.


Bloggers meetup was arranged by Pitch Media team and what I like about Pitch is that their meet ups are NEVER crowded. You get to experience the ambiance , the food and let you interact with the chefs and management. Call it a complete experience and more than a meet up it was a super cool get together of blogger friends. We had a great time, We had a great food and yes ..Johnny Rockets is no Junk but a great casual dining experience!

more pictures:


Author: umairhmirza


2 thoughts on “Johnny Rockets – A casual dining experience

  1. Everything seems to be made better in Pakistan because Johnny Rockets is junkie as hell here in the US. Greasy, quickly-made, oily bun but still sinfully good.

  2. Great review…there r so many burger outlets opening up these days tat ever yone actually considers it all the same but ur review I believe will actually bring more n more customers to johnny rockets .

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