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Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas. Episode 4: Interview with Zurain Imam


Isn’t it that the most amazing of the outfits would just give a dry and incomplete look without some accessories add-ons. From kitschy rings to blingy watches,  swaggy bags to super sexy footwear and much more, one simply cannot (or BETTER not!!) take accessories for granted.

I asked some of the most prominent Fashion stars of the country, who never disappoint us when spotted on the red carpets, about their love for fashion accessories. These fashionistas wearing or carrying the most stylish and happening accessories are favorites of the style spotters and inspire us.  UMAIRICA asked them about their personal style when it comes to accessorizing, their likes / dislikes and much more.


In this blogpost episode of Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas, UMAIRICA interviewed the best of the bests, Mr. Zurain Iman. You might not find many in Pakistan who can be tagged as Fashion experts; but when when we talk about Zurain Imam, he is a living Fashion encyclopedia. Zurain is one of the finest fashion critics we have plus he has been the creative and fashion consultant for fashion councils and brands. Zurain is also one of the most stylish red carpet celebrity we have and the best part, he loves to accessorize.

UMAIRICA asked Zurain Imam the following questions:

1- In one line how would you describe your personal style when it comes to accessorizing?

ZI: I actually like accessories, whether rings, hand-bands, chains, lockets, ear studs, brooches, belts, pocket squares sunglasses etc which are eclectic and unusual and use them to express myself on a particular day and also as a shield and armour against the world. Like. STOP! Dont’ Get Too Close!

2- How important for you is accessorizing an outfit?

ZI: Sometimes I want to wear a particular accessory, a new pendant for example, so then I plan an outfit around that so the clothes instead become the accessory. So very important. I rarely leave the house without wearing some type of accessory.


3-  Can accessorizing become a complicated process, more difficult to put together than the main outfit of the night?

ZI: No, for me it comes quite naturally and organically and like I said, the accessory might be the “main” deal for the evening.

4- An essential accessory you never leave home without?

ZI: I usually always wear a black tiger stone ring enmeshed with wire designed by a New York based lawyer/cum jewellery designer and presented to me by one of my besties, actress filmmaker and writer Samia Shoaib (The Next Big Thing; Requiem for a Dream ‘The Sixth Sense SubUrbia ; Sex and the City;  La Femme Nikita and Law & Order) It has sentimental value although I have almost lost it several times ! I feel lost without it.

5- Would you wear accessories bought from Sunday Market?

ZI: Hello/! Perhaps three quarters of my stash of accessories is from Sunday Bazaar or other flea markets like 26th St Market in New York and Camden Market in London. One just has to have a good eye, be passionate and love the adventure of scoring something unique and interesting.

6- Your favorite accessory in your closet?

ZI: That’s like asking a mother who her favourite child is! I do like my black tiger ring a lot as it garners a lot of comments. Also a colourful malang tawiz from Abdullah Shah Mazaar and my faux reptile skin man purse by Indian designer Troy Costa which he presented to me during Dubai Fashion Week.


7- An accessory you have your eyes set on to buy?

ZI: I don’t really covet things, especially accessories. I like the element of surprise. I don’t follow trends or go after the latest gadget like a gold i-Phone 6 Plus. Even if I could afford it, I would never buy such a tech-gadget. But I do love to browse this website 1stdibs ( which sells vintage and antique fashion and accessories from masters such as Cartier, Versace et al

8- What was I thinking while buying that!!!! (An unfortunate accessory buy)

ZI: I only buy what I absolutely love and can’t live without whether it is clothes or accessories so there aren’t too many disastrous fashion emergency buys in my closet!

9- An accessory trend that you hate to the core ?

ZI: Erm… Wiry hair bands for men?!

10- Your favorite brand/s (International)?

ZI: Oliver Peoples and Ray Ban for sunglasses; belts by Bill Kirk; shoes by Grenson and Bally; men’s bracelets by Giles and Brother, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen. Rings from Tiffany & Co, Topman and Aldo.


11- You favorite brand/s (Local)?

ZI: I can’t think of any. House of Arsalan Iqbal shoes and colourful chappals perhaps.

12- The most over-rated accessory brand?

ZI: Over-rated, over-copied, over-coveted- over-worn: It would have to be Louis Vuitton!

13- A public figure who definitely knows how to accessorize?

ZI: Iris Apfel, an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon. In Pakistan socialite and journalist Maira Pagganwalla stylist Asma Mumtaz, designers Ayesha F Hashwani, Shehla Chatoor and Ammar Belal. Some people say myself as well. 😛

Pictures credit: Sana Sultan (thank you so much Sana 🙂 ) and Zurain Imam.


Author: umairhmirza


6 thoughts on “Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas. Episode 4: Interview with Zurain Imam

  1. wow! Zurain sure loves his accessories, and he does carry them very well. He looks great.

    What a fun interview!

  2. I might not use accessories but I love seeing that some guys do!

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