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Cafe Chatter Box – it’s so good !

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Pakistan’s premiere bakery, Pie in the Sky’s newest Cafe, Chatterbox opened its doors to foodies here at Bukhari Commercial DHA, Karachi on October 3, 2014. UMAIRICA was there to be part of the launch event which was well attended by food lovers and media personalities.


Chatterbox café promises to bring innovation to the city’s food map with the launch of its new café. The café that grew out of a bakery, previously introduced Karachites to the idea of a bakery-café for a unique dining experience. 

Chatterbox (2)

“Chatterbox was initially an extension of pie in the sky, since there was no concept of having a seating area or a café with a bakery in Karachi; we introduced the idea for the first time in Karachi. Chatterbox evolved from there. Since I like to challenge myself, I decided to start this new venture to take chatterbox in a new direction. Also, what drives me is the love and passion for the brand,” said Naila Naqvi, Owner Chatterbox

The launch of the new café, located at Bukhari Commercial in Defence, brings with it a fusion of cuisines that are yet to hit Karachi. Breakfast items such as Shakshuka, a Mediterranean dish of eggs poached in a spicy sauce of tomatoes and Beef Rice Bowl bring an element of exclusivity to the menu. Dishes that are not available in other cafés and restaurants also include Savory Granola and tantalizing desserts for those with an insatiable sweet tooth, such as Caramel Budino with salted caramel, White Chocolate & Raspberry cheesecake and Sticky Toffee pudding. To maintain the taste and quality, the management imports most of the ingredients; Swiss chocolate is used for desserts that require chocolate and fresh fruits.

The café has a country and rustic feel to it, thanks to the antiques and brick walls. “The idea was to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. We started off with antiques and brick walls to give it a rustic feel. The furniture and lights are from Dubai to create an edge,” said Naila Naqvi



My experience of Chatterbox cafe was very good. The cafe itself is so nicely done, it’s an instant love. loved the crockery, the furniture, the decor, even the stairs. Lights I feel could have been a little brighter.

Food we were served at the launch dinner was a full 4 course meal.


Bottom right: appetizer which had nachos and bread sticks served with an amazing cheesy garlic sauce 10/10… Top right : was crispy refreshing beef noodles salad 7.5/10 … Top left : baked manicotti with spinach 6.5/10  (spinach lovers might just 10/10) . Bottom left : caramel budino 9/10.

My last words on Chatter Box Cafe : I am so going out to experience the breakfast menu 🙂 .

Pictures from the event:


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One thought on “Cafe Chatter Box – it’s so good !

  1. Oh my god! The food looks delicious! Mouth watering! Should visit it when I come to Karachi 🙂

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