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Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas. Episode 3: Interview with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin – HSY

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Isn’t it that the most amazing of the outfits would just give a dry and incomplete look without some accessories add-ons. From kitschy rings to blingy watches,  swaggy bags to super sexy footwear and much more, one simply cannot (or BETTER not!!) take accessories for granted.

I asked some of the most prominent Fashion stars of the country, who never disappoint us when spotted on the red carpets, about their love for fashion accessories. These fashionistas wearing or carrying the most stylish and happening accessories are favorites of the style spotters and inspire us.  UMAIRICA asked them about their personal style when it comes to accessorizing, their likes / dislikes and much more.

Invicta watch and Alexander McQueen's bracelet

Invicta watch and Alexander McQueen’s bracelet

In this blogpost of Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas, UMAIRICA interviewed The HSY . Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is undeniably the most well known Pakistani fashion designer in the world. Pakistan loves him, Dubai loves him and so does the social media. His designs are as grand as his personality is. lately it seems no good fashion event in Pakistan is complete without HSY. His choreography skills are unmatchable. Be its FPW or PSFW or BCW or even Mens Fashion Week , He turns the runway into magic.

UMAIRICA is thankful to Hassan Sheheryar for answering below questions for the our very cool readers.

1- In one line how would you describe your personal style when it comes to accessorizing?

A: Minimalistic, Classic and Timeless.

2- How important for you is accessorizing an outfit?

A: I think its key, the right accessorize can make or break an outfit.

3-  Can accessorizing become a complicated process, more difficult to put together than the main outfit of the night?

A: I think style shouldn’t  be complicated, but must be well thought through! The accessorizing must complement the outfit correctly.

4- An essential accessory you never leave home without?

A: My Toy watch and my aviator sunglasses.


HSY is the Toy Watch ambassador in Pakistan

5- Would you wear accessories bought from Sunday Market?

A: Yes sure, If I find a one of a kind piece, I won’t miss it!

6- Your favorite accessory in your closet?

A: My Cartier bracelet given to me by my best friend a few years ago. Has great emotional attachment.

ooh the sunglasses

ooh the sunglasses

7- An accessory you have your eyes set on to buy?

A: Can wait to get my hand’s on the new leather boots from the Dolce & Gabbana  winter collection.

8- What was I thinking while buying that!!!! (An unfortunate accessory buy)

A: I bought a beautiful Fendi hat, it was very expensive, a real waste because I never wore it.

HSY in a travel mode .. all fashionably acceorized

HSY in a travel mode .. all fashionably accessorized

9- An accessory trend that you hate to the core ?

A: I can’t seem to make peace with the new statement necklaces, I think it distracts from the beauty of the outfit

10- Your favorite brand/s (International)?

A: Dolce and Gabbana, Armani , Tom Ford and Bottega Veneta.

11- You favorite brand/s (Local)?

A: I don’t have favorite’s, I think we all are doing our best to take the fashion industry forward.

12- The most over-rated accessory brand?

A: Miu Miu

13- A public figure who definitely knows how to accessorize?

A: I think Beyonce accessorizes well!

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