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Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas ! Episode 2: Interview with Andleeb Rana Farhan


Isn’t it that the most amazing of the outfits would just give a dry and incomplete look without some accessories add-ons. From kitschy rings to blingy watches,  swaggy bags to super sexy footwear and much more, one simply cannot (or BETTER not!!) take accessories for granted.

I asked some of the most prominent Fashion stars of the country, who never disappoint us when spotted on the red carpets, about their love for fashion accessories. These fashionistas wearing or carrying the most stylish and happening accessories are favorites of the style spotters and inspire us.  UMAIRICA asked them about their personal style when it comes to accessorizing, their likes / dislikes and much more.


Cambridge satchel bag

In this blogpost of Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas, UMAIRICA interviewed Andleeb Rana Farhan. The very inspiring and super professional, Andleeb Rana is Editor in Chief of Xpoze Monthly magazine. Fashion lovers love her boho chic yet glamorous style and she is featured almost all the time in style sections of blogs and publications in the country. And everyone knows, including herself,  that I am an even bigger fan of her when it comes to accessories.

We are very thankful to Andleeb Rana for answering below questions for us.

1- In one line how would you describe your personal style when it comes to accessorizing?

A: I would like to think I am unpredictable: I can’t do matchy-matchy stuff….and I am not fond of flashing logos.

Prada Sunglasses and Toywatch

Prada Sunglasses and Toywatch

2- How important for you is accessorizing an outfit?

A: Extremely important. Infact, I am always a lot more excited about accessorizing an outfit than the outfit itself!

3-  Can accessorizing become a complicated process, more difficult to put together than the main outfit of the night?

A: Not at all. Accessorizing is what makes an outfit alot more fun!

Boots from Istanbul

Boots from Istanbul

4- An essential accessory you never leave home without?

A: My rings and my bag.

5- Would you wear accessories bought from Sunday Market?

A: I love browsing and buying from this guy who has a well-stocked afghan jewelry stall in Sunday bazaar. He often customizes stuff for me.

6- You favorite accessory in your closet?

A: All the jewelry that my mom gave me.

Tory Burch Bag, and Prada x 2 :)

Tory Burch Bag ( that Andleeb Rana now uses as a Diaper bag for her son Nyle), Prada x 2 🙂


7- An accessory you have your eyes set on to buy?

A: Nothing in particular. I am just dying to go back to my favorite Nepali market in Delhi to just browse and pick up random stuff. It’s a trip long overdue!

8- What was I thinking while buying that!!!! (An unfortunate accessory buy)

Some of the crazy Vivienne Westwood stuff I have! They are totally mad things, but then I guess I was in a crazy mad phase of life when I bought the things!

9- An accessory trend that you hate to the core ?

A: Ripped tights. I mean, why??!

10- Your favorite brand/s (International)?

A: Don’t have any particular favorites: I pick and choose whatever I fancy. However, I am enjoying the Amrapali jewellers collaboration with Manish Arora a lot nowadays. It’s very kitsch!

Manish Arora ring, Michael Kors watch

Manish Arora ring, Michael Kors watch

11- You favorite brand/s (Local)?

A: There are hardly any accessories designers in Pakistan. Most of them just pick up random stuff from Bangkok and stock up their shops!

Fabric beads necklace from Sadaf Malaterre

 Sadaf Malaterre Fabric beads necklace that Andleeb Rana is often seen wearing

12- The most over-rated accessory brand?

A:  I find Chanel abit over-rated. It’s very boring and extremely predictable. Enough of those quilted bags and those blah pearl strings with an overdose of the C logo!

13- A public figure who definitely knows how to accessorize?

A:  I have always been a fan of individuality and no one does that better than Iris Apfel. She is mad fun…. she just puts random stuff together and looks so good! Her style never lets her disappear into the crowds.


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2 thoughts on “Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas ! Episode 2: Interview with Andleeb Rana Farhan

  1. looks like everyone thinks Chanel is overrated 😀

  2. Those boots ❤ I fell in love with them when I saw her wearing them at FPW. And, true! Chanel is definitely over-rated and boring.

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