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Magnum has brilliantly placed itself in the market as one heck of a fashion statement ice cream. Top celebrities famous for their fashionable lifestyle as its brand ambassadors, association with the fashion events including our PFDC Fashion week and of course Magnum Pleasure store in selected glamorous cities of the world.



And here it is, Magnum Pleasure store is in our fashion capital Karachi now. Only the 16th city that now has a Magnum Store, Magnum Karachi had a very golden and glamorous launch past week.

Magnum Karachi

The Magnum Pleasure Store in Karachi and at other cities, “is a luxurious chocolate café that allows chocolate lovers to customize their Magnum with unique toppings like sea salt, chilli flakes, and cornflakes and the more traditional almonds, sprinklettes, candy bits, vanilla bits, cranberries, coconut shavings and smarties. You can choose your preferred Magnum type (vanilla or chocolate) select the unique crackling chocolate from (dark and milk) and then customize it with a vast array of toppings for your own personalized Magnum.”


The event, done by Anisa & Amina Rashid khan of RAKA while PR by Golin, was hosted by Ayesha Omar and well attended by celebrities and fashionistas. Model, Actress and a Disk Jockey Hira Tareen had us all tapping and swinging to some fantastic electro tracks and it seems No Magnum event is complete without the Magnum Russian Khatoons. Good thing was that they were not human dining tables tables this time but gave an amazing acrobatic performance while serving Magnum drinks.

The Host Ayesha Omer , The DJ Hira Tareen and The Russian Khatoon

The Host Ayesha Omer , The DJ Hira Tareen and The Russian Khatoon

Heard that there were Magnum rings for selected celebrities. The ring which will act as a license to munch in “Make your own Magnums” for .. OMG .. six months absolutely free ! I am so going to “jugaar” for that ring !

Final word: Magnum Karachi is located at Clifton, near Schon circle and is now open for everyone.


Author: umairhmirza


7 thoughts on “MAGNUM KARACHI

  1. Great post! Definitely a must try.

  2. You KHI walaas are the luckiest!

  3. Loved reading such a detailed post! I need a jugaar too for that ring! 😀

  4. That was some event! reading this post took me right back!

  5. Stumbled upon your blog for the first time, Umair. Good work indeed! x

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