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Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas ! Episode 1: Interview with Zahra Saifullah


Isn’t it that the most amazing of the outfits would just give a dry and incomplete look without some accessories add-ons. From kitschy rings to blingy watches,  swaggy bags to super sexy footwear and much more, one simply cannot (or BETTER not!!) take accessories for granted.

I asked some of the most prominent Fashion stars of the country, who never disappoint us when spotted on the red carpets, about their love for fashion accessories. These fashionistas wearing or carrying the most stylish and happening accessories are favorites of the style spotters and inspire us.  UMAIRICA asked them about their personal style when it comes to accessorizing, their likes / dislikes and much more.

photo 1

Stunning Zahra Saifuallah carrying super luxurious SHANA

First in the series of  Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas interviews is Zahra Saifullah. Very beautiful and fashionable Zahra Saifullah is the CEO and the Publisher of HELLO! Pakistan magazine. I met her for the first time at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week this year. She looked absolutely stunning each day of the fashion week and the press, bloggers and almost everyone fell in love with her style, and was dying to document it. Knowing that she is busy with some serious conference at Spain at the moment and took time out to answer UMAIRICA’s questions.. Thank You Zahra 🙂

1- In one line how would you describe your personal style when it comes to accessorizing?

A:  Understated, with an accent piece.

2- How important for you is accessorizing an outfit?

A: I feel wearing the right accessory such as a statement necklace can really bring out a dress and complete the look. Alternately just the right pair of shoes or handbag can add the extra oomph in an outfit.

Celine Bag and Valentino eye wear

Celine Bag and Valentino eye wear

3-  Can accessorizing become a complicated process, more difficult to put together than the main outfit of the night?

A: Not for me.. I think it’s fun to experiment a little and see what really works . If it’s a dinner or ball it’s important not to overdo it.. It’s a fine line of demarcation to looking overdone so one does need to be careful.

4- An essential accessory you never leave home without?

A: Handbag and sunnies.

5- Would you wear accessories bought from Sunday Market?

A: Yes ofcourse!

Chanel dress with Brian Atwood heels and vintage chanel bag

6- You favorite accessory in your closet?

A: So many. But I specially like collecting statement necklaces they work well with Eastern and western

7- An accessory you have your eyes set on to buy?

A: I usually have 3-4 handbags on my must get list!

8- What was I thinking while buying that!!!! (An unfortunate accessory buy)

A: So many scarves and necklaces I’ve picked up browsing different markets which I know I ll obviously never wear!

Tiffany shades and Matthew Williamson neck piece

Tiffany shades and Matthew Williamson neck piece

9- An accessory trend that you hate to the core ?

A: I don’t hate any trend but rather the way people can carry certain things. It’s nice to always keep it understated . Less is more.

10- Your favorite brand/s (International)?

A: Too many! Chanel, Valentino, Matthew Williamson, Chloe Erdem Alice +Olivia and Stella McCartney. Marni has amazing necklaces, and I love topshop accessories too!

Matthew Williamson coat and celine bag

Matthew Williamson coat and celine bag

11- You favorite brand/s (Local)?

A: Khaadi for everything, and also Sania Maskatiya, Rizwan Beyg and Shamaeel.

12- The most over-rated accessory brand?

A: Gucci.

13- A public figure who definitely knows how to accessorize?

A: Hina Rabbani Khar and Olivia Palermo

Author: umairhmirza


3 thoughts on “Fashion Accessories and the Fashionistas ! Episode 1: Interview with Zahra Saifullah

  1. wow. I cannot believe that even the biggest fashion stars in Pakistan believe in Thrifting. This ought to encourage more people to look up to it, instead of down.

    And I totally agree with her; Less definitely is more!

    Can’t wait to read more interviews!

  2. your fashion accessories show who you are. mine make me .. emmm a nobody

  3. Enjoyed reading every bit. Drooling over her each and every piece, especially those Brian Atwood heels ❤

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