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Luxury Light On a Pocket – Estevia Perfumes – men’s fragrances reviewed


Just a few days before Eid, I received the mens fragrances line from Estevia Parfum Paris in mail for reviewing purpose. The perfumes included His Excellency Black, His Excellency Blue and Arion.

About Estevia

Estevia Parfum is the flagship brand of Al Wara, a renowned name in the perfume industry since the past 9 years.

Al Wara is a UAE based company that was established in 2004, with the vision of providing innovative designs for the perfume bottle labeling and decor industry. Estevia Parfum manufactures luxury perfumes and oils are very much sourced from France.


Estevia Parfum slogan is “Luxurious Fragrances at an Affordable Price”, which is so apt.

When you buy any of the perfumes from Estevia, you actually save almost 5 to 6 thousand rupees. Its because you actually don’t get this quality fragrances at a price tag which Estevia offers. Well one cannot compare there fragrances to those exorbitantly priced branded perfumes but seriously, if you are going for a mid range priced fragrances, Estevia definitely is the answer.

So that’s how I planned to test the perfumes. One perfume on each day of eid.

Day 01 of eid was ARION. 

Arion turned out to be my favorite of the three. It opens with citrusy lemon and grapefruit before a burst of pink pepper and peppermint hits you.

308c72_034eb0535a8f4125b1b6cc1a26fbb7eeThen there is a dash of spice to cut the citrus. To add an extra edge there are base notes of woody patchouli, sandalwood and cedar. Most cool men don’t prefer going for an all out sweet sweet fragrances. A too sweet perfume takes no time to give me a headache, and Arion therefore, is perfect.

Day 02 of Eid was HIS EXCELLENCY – BLUE

The very first burst of His Excellency Blu is very violet and citrus-y. And as the burst settles down, you are welcomed with a fragrance with a combination of Black pepper , sage , iris geranium and nutmeg.

308c72_94152d22211747f9b3fc1637440bf0c3Together all His Excellency Blue develop an exotic leathery vanilla smell. His Excellency blue was my 2nd favorite


This perfume has a very luxurious scent or say very shiekh :D. The light floral top notes settle to reveal a sensuous middle of woody, amber accents which contract beautifully with the balsamic under notes.


308c72_9483f01374314ab1b340b3bb4e8e863fThe Excellency range (includes also Her Excellency line) is the most popular of all the line Estevia has to offer.

One issue that you may find with Estevia which infact for me is a blessing is the longevity of the fragrance. I can say is that it stays for enough amount of time and doesn’t give you head spins like some (or say many). I simply can’t tolerate those perfumes which are  so terribly strong and stay for ages in your clothes and with passing time and with heat and sweat turn into some 2 no. khuhsboo.

Price: Be ready to amazed as none of the above are above 2,500/- and are very much available in top shops of Pakistan. In Karachi, you will find Estevia at Naheed, Sanaullah and Hyperstar to name a few.


Author: umairhmirza


3 thoughts on “Luxury Light On a Pocket – Estevia Perfumes – men’s fragrances reviewed

  1. They all sound so tempting. But i think i like Arion. The bottle looks amazing and the notes look enticing!

  2. arion , a good fragrance,

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