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Story of a Proud Foodie

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by Sei Zee.

I’ve always had weight woes. I’ve been putting on those pounds ever since I was 12. Seriously! And then there came a time when wearing jeans, skirts and tights became next to impossible. With all the flab on my sides and the protruding tummy, who in her right mind would want to wear Western attire? So, I resorted to plain shalwar kameez and long maxis only. I felt lazy most of the times and playing outdoors with friends and cousins became a nightmare. As much as I wanted to blame it on my book reading passion for staying indoors, I knew in my heart how troublesome it was for me to actually self-kick my butt, put on those sneakers and pass that ball. So I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been a couch potato, gorging down on crisps and sodas whilst enjoying a new paperback. I didn’t care then, I don’t care now and I don’t think that I’ll ever care. I’m a foodie and I’m proud of it.

photo courtesy : google images :)

photo courtesy : google images 🙂

There’s something refreshing and exciting about the way the kitchen lights up with the clanking noise of the pans and spoons being taken out from the cabinets. There’s a realization that food is in the process of being cooked. And then suddenly you hear the grinding and the chop chop of ingredients and your heart does mild somersaults. You do all you can to contain yourself and not show up in the kitchen, just so you could see how the fresh vegetables are being cut, the chilli sorted and the chicken strips marinated. So once your nostrils fill up with the delicious and extremely tempting aroma of food, you know you love your life as God made you a foodie. You just can’t wait to devour whatever will be served; it smells that good!

Right from the moment you dig your folk into your meal up until the last morsel pushes against your tongue, your know you salivated for all the right reasons. Forgive for writing so lovingly and endearingly about something as routine as food, but isn’t it the most integral part of anyone’s day? Having excess of it does in no way make you fat and ugly but yes having excess of it and not exercising can! After all, the young, beautiful and very much in shape Blake Lively recently confessed how big a foodie she was, her favorite indulgence being none other than cupcakes! The hot and sexy Eva Longoria, who owns the popular eatery Beso, also declared her love for food, saying she was more of a “meal person” than snacks or tidbits. Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow who has a body frame of a slender 20-year-old, has been writing cookbooks in the past as well as blogs about how much she loves food! Hmm…one would wonder where she puts it? Last but not the least, the reigning queen of music, Lady Gaga says there has yet to be a better cook than her and there’s nothing in the world she can’t cook. Her favorite meal is chicken milanese and she can eat it nonstop!

Such pride these celebs take in their foodie habits. They eat, exercise and then eat some more. They’re big time foodies and extremely proud of it. I’ll tell you of a place that further encourages my love for food and restores my faith in good chefs with their culinary arts. The coveted Veranda Bistro of Lahore, situated in Gulberg, is the bang-on place to entertain your taste buds and vent your passion for food. Their spicy lasagne is one food item, which makes me keep going back to the place.

37212_168105913201062_2688804_nI like trying out everything there by making up food combinations, which might sound odd to some but taste like heaven. For instance, I love having their crisp Thai garlic rice topped with their grilled chicken tarragon sauce. DSC_3846   The taste is divine and one also notices how fresh and rich in taste the food is. Veranda’s spicy sauté vegetables and samak harra fish, I can never get enough of. Talk about having fish in summers! DSC_3814 As for desserts, I remember having so much of their deliciously-prepared crème brulee that I actually looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Genius chefs at their best with a menu selected to perfection! Veranda Bistro is a clean, hip and worth-all-your-money restaurant. Every Lahori is in awe of it and the team at Veranda is aware of it. As for me, well…I’m a foodie and I’m proud of it!


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  1. Are you a foodie Umair sahab or should I say baday nawab? :p

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