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Of Ramadan and Family – Pepsi TVC is heart touching


Pepsi’s Ramadan TVC is beautiful.  The very first time I saw it, I couldn’t resist tweeting about how good and apt it was in today’s times.  I, who mostly iftars with family and don’t remember when was the last time I did an Iftar without family, Haseeb Sultan in contrast has missed out on many a times feasting with his family,was touched by Pepsi TVC.

I asked him to why not share his heart out in a blogpost and he agreed.

10487232_10152218996507496_1451226021644580297_n (1)Haseeb Sultan is a blogger at THAT PAKI BLOG .  Considered as one of the best Fashion bloggers in Pakistan by Sunday Times , Haseeb is a sweet heart friend and a published poet who loves reading, writing, music and of course fashion.

Here we go, a very first guest post of Sultan Abdul Haseeb on UMAIRCA

“I think it is only natural that as you grow, you grow apart from your family. Yet that special bond never breaks. We make new friends, enter new relationships, and form new ties, yet the ties we were born into; they are the closest to our hearts, and the most treasured ones. Family is always going to come first, and we all know that. It’s just that it is different that with the passage of time, priorities take over life and we are left wondering if we drifted apart, or not?

The truth is, we don’t drift apart. It is only that we don’t see that some people in our lives are always there, no matter what!


Something like this clicked into my mind when I saw the latest TVC of Pepsi. It’s about a boy who goes out with his friends for iftar, when he stumbles upon a kid’s first roza being celebrated that he remembers his, where all his family celebrated it for him. As he misses his family, he goes to get a Pepsi for his family, and also gets a pack of Lays, because some things are just good together. And rushes back to his family with Pepsi there in his hands, and enters his home, knowing that he should be with them at that moment. Because some things are just good together, and like Lays and Pepsi, him and his family; with Pepsi as a medium of connection, a medium of memories, and a medium of emotions.

The commercial actually brought tears to my eyes.

You see, it’s little moments like these that we overlook how important the littlest things are in them. We have engagements, graduation parties, first pay check celebrations, marriages, and we don’t see how these memories and times are connected together with each other thanks to our littlest details; Pepsi. Pepsi connects us all, whether we see it or not. Some things just go hand in hand, and Pepsi does that with our celebrations.


So no matter where we go, how much we change, how many dreams we chase, and how many destinations we reach, we will always find out way back home, knowing our family awaits, and knowing happy memories are to be made; and Pepsi will always be there to remind us we have that connection, that somebody is there, and the love is still the same – just like our love for Pepsi and Lays!”


Author: umairhmirza


6 thoughts on “Of Ramadan and Family – Pepsi TVC is heart touching

  1. Although I dont agree with this particular campaign’s execution. I love pepsi’s impulsive and compulsive nature of jil mange abhi and dil mange more!

  2. Reblogged this on That Paki Blog and commented:
    My guest blog post on Umairica! Check it out guys!

  3. “don’t remember when was the last time I did an Iftar without family” can relate there!
    TVC made me shed few tears too… such an emotional being me!

  4. I normally don’t notice TVCs so Much But this one made me a lill emotional too…Anyways Nly written.

  5. I loved the TVC when I first saw it, heart touching. Family is the best gift Allah has given us

  6. What’s the cast name?

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