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Pepsi and Lays bring Football fever to Pakistan


Unlike the other beverage, this summer in Pakistan, Pepsi has truly brought in the football fever for its fans!

Pepsi Co. realizing that football is not so far behind in popularity as cricket is in Pakistan, have come up with a fun TVC and truly brilliant limited edition Pepsi cans.


Pepsi has never disappointed its cricket fans in Pakistan when it comes to celebrating the game. Pepsi’s campaigns and special edition bottles have always been our favorite. Cricket actually looks boring without Pepsi. We all wait for the ad campaigns featuring Pakistani cricket stars and Pepsi as I said earlier never disappoints.

Football many may think may not be as popular in Pakistan .. but the amount of buzz and excitement I see during the football fever.. It has to be the second most popular game in Pakistan, beating our national game Hockey behind. Pakistanis might know Hockey player Sohail Abbass’s name and that’s it but when comes to Football, I bet they know all 😀 . And when it comes to Lionel Messi, He is a super star! A super star of sports loving fans here, as much he is in Argentina or anywhere in the world.

Pepsi’s TVC features Messi and has become an instant hit with the people. Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of this generation, can be seen munching on a big bag of Lays and having a chilled can of Pepsi.

The coolest thing for me though is the limited edition Pepsi Cans.


Pepsi Pakistan has also introduced their limited edition cans, available at different outlets across the country. These cans feature some of the top footballing names of today, like Lionel Messi and the Flying Dutchman himself, Robin Van Persie.


Van Persie has lately been busy with scoring match winning goals in most important of football contests, is already the social media sensation and all the more reason to grab Pepsi can featuring him.

Congratulations then to Pepsi and Lays for being very cool and smart with their campaigns. I know my football fanatic friends who are especially stocking up the Limited edition Pepsi cans and Lays for the matches. I have seen almost a dozen tweets and instagram posts of people sharing pics of their limited edition cans, while the beverage in red… really where are you dude ?!

Oh wow! And now a free packet of lays chips with 1.5L or two 500ml Pepsi Pet bottles! DAMN! 😉 Perfect Match



Author: umairhmirza


4 thoughts on “Pepsi and Lays bring Football fever to Pakistan

  1. SO COOL! I am totally picking both the cans and of course the big bag of LAYS 😀

  2. The cast name is ( Vivaan Shah ) which is nowadays works in Indian movies .

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