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Hair Necessities – Episode Two

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With world of hair care products .. Infact one should say a Universe of hair care products and desi totkays … but oh dear the irony .. poor human beings still can’t stop to worry about their hair! sigh!

Its not an easy job picking the right product or a totka which is always right for your hair.  UMAIRICA is playing its role for my readers to ease up a things little by asking fabulous , stylish, popular bloggers who all have gorgeous hair and very well know what they are applying on their scalp and keeping them stronger and sexy for the longest time.

Second in the list of Fabulous, Stylish and Popular bloggers is a Beauty & Fashion blogger and Natasah Carim. Natasah started blogging in 2012 and her blog is . A frequent traveler and a major shopaholic, she brings in all the worldly flavors of fashion, Lifestyle and beauty in here blogposts. Still in her teen years (or say almost, lol) , you will find in her blogs everything from reviews to experiences and oh yes ! she believes in keeping it all glamorous! Let’s have her hair closet unlocked by her self and in her own words: 


Karachi’s humidity and weather always manages to get to my hair, leaving my naturally straight hair looking like a hot, frizzy, tangled mess. With the natural factors comes the obvious urge to experiment with hair dyes, new styling products and obviously the must-have hair straightener to tame my manes. With all these factors only damaging my hair, my hair care plays an important role in my routine. After-all who likes a hot mess for hair?

My 4 must-have hair products: 

Without these products maintaining my hair would be a living nightmare!

1. Absolut Repair Cellular Repairing Mask

The repairing mask does wonders for my hair. I use it once a week as a rinse-out deep conditioning treatment (if you have severely dry hair you might want to give it some steam so that it really absorbs into your tips). It leaves hair smelling amazing and super-soft, shiny and silky!

2. Mythic Oil

Applying oil on dry hair during the day leaves it looking greasy so it’s a big no-no especially in a humid city! Mythic oil does not leave any traces of greasiness, actually it does not feel anything like other hair oils! It has the most amazing scent leaving your hair super-soft, manageable and shiny. I use this on a daily basis before styling as it works as a heat protector, an anti-frizz and a detangler! (It’s one of those MUST HAVE products!)

3. Lavender Oil

Hair oiling is a tradition that has been around since as long as we can remember. However, the usual smell of hair oils that are left overnight can be intolerable. I love using lavender oil as a leave in over-night deep oiling treatment. Just apply it as you usually would apply any other over-night hair oil treatment (make sure you are generous and spread it out throughout all your hair). Lavender oil nourishes and heals hair while boosting hair growth!

4. L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo

Most hair care products I use are by L’Oreal and when I heard of Total Repair 5 shampoo, It immediately made it into my “must” buy list. Bought it last week and after every wash, my hair feel stronger, shinier and healthier. I am satisfied.

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