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Hair Enemies . Who ? You !

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Hair fall

Dry hair

Rough hair

Dull hair

Split ends?

Seems like everyone is complaining either of the 5 hair problems or some two, some three and some all. But before you put the blame of your chirya ka ghonsla looking hair to your genes, look into the mirror and ask yourself: is it really your genes to be blamed or is it your terrible hair habits that have landed this hair nest on you?

Of many hair sins that we commit to our hair, experimenting with hair products has to be the major one. And in Pakistan, where going to a doctor when sick is the 75th preferred option, the first 74 being TV wali aapa, ghar wali aapa, phuppi, mami, chahci, khala, muhally ki aunty for the tips, cures and life saving suggestions… how can one expect people not going through hair catastrophes !!

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Buying anything off the shelf without knowing that how concentrated the product is? What type is your hair? What if that extra nourishment product turns out to be an over dose of the nourishment and act negatively instead? And then blasting your hair with blow dries (not even realizing it is also effecting your bijli ka bill :P). Trying every single shampoo available in the market and of course, that stinky magic box, that turns you red head brown Scottish aunty and your house smelling like … (I am not saying the word), resulting in your children boycotting you and whatever you cook for them !… yes the Mehndi !!

I also shamefully apply those strong gels and then miss out on washing hair and allow the “glue” do its hair ruining magic ….Oh there’s an endless list of Hair Sins that we commit!

But please I recommend you to go the doctor when your tummy hurts because honestly, Karmina is not always the solution! In the same way, you need to consult a proper hair expert before applying some chemical formula to your hair.

I repeat: Stop sinning, at least when it comes down to your beautiful locks!

Author: umairhmirza


One thought on “Hair Enemies . Who ? You !

  1. Haye. I envy people with great hair!

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