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Hair Necessities – Episode One


With world of hair care products .. Infact one should say a Universe of hair care products and desi totkays … but oh dear the irony .. poor human beings still can’t stop to worry about their hair! sigh!

Its not an easy job picking the right product or a totka which is always right for your hair.  UMAIRICA is playing its role for my readers to ease up a things little by asking fabulous , stylish, popular bloggers who all have gorgeous hair and very well know what they are applying on their scalp and keeping them stronger and sexy for the longest time.

First in the list of Fabulous, Stylish and Popular bloggers is a Beauty & Fashion blogger and a makeup artist, Rabeeyah Tungekar .

Project hair1

Rabeeyah of who has been blogging since 2010, is a favorite of many beauty conscious ladies, who just don’t pick up the things from cosmetics section of  Naheed or Farid’s but wait till Rabeeyah gives her “blogpost” of approval :). Girls !! Must check out her blog for very detailed products reviews. We requested a sneak peak into her Hair closet and this is what she revealed…. “in her own words”

“Since I am a Beauty Blogger and a Makeup Artist, a field related to beauty, which means a lot of events, usage of products and experiments. Not only that, I love experimenting with everything in my life (Ooooh , says Umairica,  lol), be it makeup or hair. That being said, I keep changing my hair color very often, which means damage and dry hair and that means a lot of extra care and nourishment for healthy shiny hair.

To achieve that, one needs to pick products according to their hair needs. Know your hair, before you experiment with it. Just like skin needs pampering, hair does too.

My hair care routine includes:

1. L’Oreal Paris Total Repair Shampoo & Conditioner – for every time I wash my hair. 5 solutions , One problems as it says is perfect for regular hair wash.IMG-20140516-WA0094

2.  Fiberceutic Intra-Cyclane – a weekly mask for extra pampering.

3.  Dry Shampoo – for the days when my scalp gets a little greasy, but I don’t want to damage by extra washes.

4.  Serum – to tame my frizzy hair.


6. Honey – a mask twice a week for the hair in the shower after conditioning to give shine to my dull hair.

7. Argan oil – for daily moisture and shine after the shower.
These few products I use religiously, to keep my hair in shape, frizz-free, healthy and shiny. Pamper and love your hair!”

Interesting, Informative. Thanks Rabeeyah for sharing with UMAIRICA your hair necessities.

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7 thoughts on “Hair Necessities – Episode One

  1. A GREAT post! Everything put very well, enjoyed every bit of it just like I enjoy reading the magazines 😀 Thank you SO much for the feature and for all the amazing words you put together to describe me and my blog. Lot’s of wishes 🙂

  2. i love rabiyah’s hair, especially the curls she sported at lipton’s event

  3. and umairica, please share some totkas to help my lifeless mess of a hair! 😛

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