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The Sunday Saviour – A Lunch at KOEL CAFE


Sunday April 27th was “some” day. It started at 7 am (Sundays shouldn’t start this early don’t you think, knowing some of us have only one day off from work in a week 😦 )

A quick breakfast, and getting “school bag” ready and Umair rushes to University ! 3 subjects! 3 project submissions ! 3 project presentations.. cherry .. or more appropriate word would be a red hot coal on the top was the thermometer bhayya was simply not letting it go. By 1:00 pm , Karachi hit its hottest day of the year mark of 42 degrees Celsius. I kept cursing myself till I reached Koel Café that why on earth I had to have all other things scheduled on this particular Sunday (later in the evening was ARY awards night) ! Oh Allah the merciful, good that I did !

Yes, next in the to do list after a blood sucking  7 hours at university, was a totally worth it lunch “break” at Koel. The Koel management and their PR, Pitch Media were kind enough to reschedule my lunch 3 times. Not my laziness but just that my head was stuck in so many things (yes those 3 projects were the greatest pain of my university’s life).

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Koel Café have brought in fabulous new dishes into their menu and gave UMAIRICA an opportunity to come and experience some of it for taste – testing purposes. My blogger friend Syed Aamir was kind enough to accompany me at the lunch. Designer Hasina Khanani, who is also a fantastic food blogger was also invited and came along with her husband. So yes, A table of 4, talking fashion and food and of course eating and clicking food.


We all know what Karachites do for leisure, we either go out for food or just go shopping .. Hence, we see so many restaurants and cafes opening almost on weekly basis. Koel Café has been around since 2010, and with the competition getting bigger and tougher by the day, Koel is still a favorite of many. Rasikh Ismail definitely knows the formula of keeping his customers happy with good food and exceptional service.

What were we served:


Starters had baked artichoke dip served with crisp very crisp Kulcha bread and oh goodness me and it was so delicious. Perfect texture and not heavy at all although artichoke has all the mighty cheese and mayonnaise as one of its main ingredients.


Other starter included a salad which had basil with blue cheese, beet roots and walnuts. I m not much of a leafy person, but the combo with other ingredients made it worth it.


It was pretty to look at too. And I tell my mom, present me Karaila with a beautiful presentation and I might just eat it 😀 ( no I’d never ever eat bitter gourd no matter what you do with it .. lol )


We were then served with marinated juicy and crispy fried fish with tartar sauce, served with french fries. The fish was exactly the way you want it in mad summers.

The option to chose from for main course were Beef Medallion and Grilled Chicken with Caper Butter Sauce.

Chickennnnn !


It was a grilled chicken fillet with zesty caper butter sauce served with parsley and burghul salad topped with feta. This dish was insanely delicious. Infact electrifying. First bite and really I tap danced while staying seated 😀 . LOVED it !

In came my main course .. MEETHA ! yes.. I m a dessert fanatic !


My favorite of the three desserts served was the caramel banana with cream and chocolate sauce topping which had a biscuit base and a caramel toffee hat (very Ali Xeeshan at #PSFW). One major reason of it being my favorite was that I like my desserts cold.


Other desserts were the walnut chocolate pudding cake and chocolate creamy saucy dessert. But my spoon kept on landing into the banana dessert’s plate 😀


For drinks, I sticked to my Love Pepsi but next visit it has to be some imli and masala drink which I have been told k yaar tumhay wo peeni chaye thi 😀

And we were done with our fabulous lunch. Thanks again to Café Koel and Pitch Media for making my Sunday scrumptiously special.


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13 thoughts on “The Sunday Saviour – A Lunch at KOEL CAFE

  1. It was indeed very good. You should have tried their mint lemonade. The asparagus dip was yum so was grilled chicken!

  2. this all looks mouth watering…I am hating the fact that I am based in lahore..!!!

  3. This post is so tempting! I MUST try Cafe Koel now. Yes, I have never been to Koel yet. Oh and I love desserts in ANYWAY, and cherry on the top is when hot gooey cake/pudding is served with vanilla ice-cream.

  4. Fun read 😀 it was indeed a very hot day filled with fun!!! 🙂

  5. OMG! the food looks so delicious! The fish and the salad looks mouth watering.

    You khi bloggers have so much fun!

  6. omg foooooooooooooddd… must… not …. eat…. screen.

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