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The best thing happened to Pakistan Idol : PEPSI !

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So many music contests have come and gone and as were there winners and nobody even remembers them.. What a waste and that’s why my blog title makes sense. Whatever that Pepsi touches in Pakistan turns into gold. Be it cricket in early days and even today and of course music, Pepsi has played a vital role in making stars whom we fall in love with and became fans of. It won’t be wrong if I say that Pepsi gave life to Pakistani music. It was only until Pepsi came into the picture that we saw Vital Signs become bigger and better, how can we even forget Pepsi Top of the Pops, which gave the biggest boost to the Pakistani pop music industry and then came battle of the bands and of course endorsing all the fantastic bands and singers .. wow Pepsi ! Thanks for promoting the talent ‘NONSTOP’!


Pakistan Idol was huge. The finale took place on 27th April and Zamad Baig came out as the winner.

Millions of votes poured in by the Pakistani public proving the success of the show.

The most fun part of the finale episode was Ali Zafar’s act who demanded a Pepsi in return for performing and calling out Ali Azmat on to the stage to join him. Both of these stars sang their latest rendition of the Pepsi jingle, Dil Maange Abhi.

Pepsi was also first on the scene to congratulate ZamadBaig as the first Pakistan Idol, airing their new TVC starring the young musician and revealing him to the world right after the Grand Finale ended. Loved it!

 So then, Pakistan Idol 1 is now over. Congratulations to Zamad Baig for being titled the first Pakistan Idol and kudos to Pepsi for continuing to do amazing work for the music industry in Pakistan.



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