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Levi’s Innovations continue: Levi’s® Cool Max®.. Beats the heat

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Its not even May ( well almost :P) and Karachi today hits its first 40 degrees Celsius of the year. Oh well crossed 40 degrees with all the world of ease… 41 degrees  it is today and the kind of weather this city by the sea has makes one feels like UHU stick . I being an oily skinned, It feel like a walking talking Dalda’s over 80 kg’s tin.  If you live in Karachi, you know how dusty and sandy the city is. Dressing up and looking cool for even 5 minutes becomes a task (you start melting instantly). Karachi heat and humidity does make one go miserably miserable.

Levi's CoolMax

And in comes the Levi’s® timely surprise. I have been showing off my mighty innovative commuter pair of jeans to every jeans lover … and … man … this fashion news is as exciting! Levi’s® have introduced another remarkable pair of jeans called Cool Max®.

CoolMax [5]

This April Levi’s® has globally launched their new COOLMAX® line, which as the name suggests, is a collection that has been specifically designed to beat the heat.

Levi's CoolMax [4]

Let me tell you about the Levi’s® sciences of this COOL MAX® that has me completely convinced  (remember: I only wear Levi’s®, I know my levi’s® 😉 )

Levi’s® collaborated with a fabric based company in Wichita, Kansas, USA to combine their Coolmax fabric with Levi’s® denim, and create the Spring/Summer 2014 line which will change the perception that jeans can only be worn in cooler months. The Coolmax fibres are not only woven differently – in a zigzag pattern as opposed to the traditional rounded pattern – but they also evaporate perspiration four times faster than any other clothing. These thermo-regulating fibres help in moving perspiration away from the body, allowing it to evaporate faster and enabling the fabric to breathe.

It seems my legs after this COOL MAX® can breathe finally in summers! no soggy, damp, sweaty ness ness ness!



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One thought on “Levi’s Innovations continue: Levi’s® Cool Max®.. Beats the heat

  1. OMG! I am crushing over them so bad! aaaaaaaaaaah! I want them! *drooling*

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