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I wish my hair was


You never want your hair go wrong don’t you ? But isnt it just so impossible most of the times to get that perfect hair look that you wish for ? We asked people on social media of what there #hairwishes are and there was a cry of responses ..

Facebook Fans of  UMAIRICA

Aisha Rishi :  I want my hair to be silky straight, shiny and long to my ghutnay

and Haya Rehman was very courteous and gave Aisha a tip “aisha ap zetoon k oil me mehndi k leaves paka kar use karo hair ki length me jaldi fark feel hoga apko”  I bet Aisha Rishi must have looked at her wrist watch and would have said “nay” 😀 !

Hina Safdar: Alhamdulilah I have nice hairs but love to have curly locks


Saafia Farhan:  I have ultra curly hair and I love my hair but I want silky straight hair for short period just for change

Sana Saani:  I want my hair silky straight

Aisha Khurram: I want my hair smooth, silky n ofcourse healthy

Jia Malick:  I wish I could have long healthy hairs #hairwishes

Zoni Isha:  I have curly hair but I like straight silky hair


Twitter followers:

Rabiyah Tungekar : Healthy, shiny, effortless and thick long hair

Saad: please help me retain my last remaining hair :/

Hareem Deeba wishes that she gets rid of split ends


oh and Naveen told me on whatsapp ” I wish my hair was like Deepika’s ”



So many hair wishes.. so many !  and don’t you wish there was some amazing “AFFORDABLE” solution to achieve that hair look you want for yourself ..

SOON !! Keep an Eye !


Author: umairhmirza


2 thoughts on “I wish my hair was

  1. I wish I had straight silky shining health hair with no frizz and no.splits end

  2. I wish :- is so beautiful, silky, shiny, straight, strong, long, thick, soft, smooth, No dandruff, No spilt ends and No breakage.
    Plz make me wish complete.

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