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#BeautyIs a state of mind ! Thanks Dove


You might have this seen video making waves across the social media. But its worth seeing again and again. Really Dove you guys have done a commendable job.

First of its kind social experiment conducted by Dove has gotten all of us thinking , yes all .. why restrict to women only ? Men too go through the issues of self-esteem, it might not always be at how he looks (applies big time in my case though :D) but yeah, the appearance as a whole, the body language, even the social status and “damn he has a hot girl friend and I don’t” factors …   it all affects and results in an ugliest form of stress and depression.

This video will leave a positive impact on all like the women participants in this Dove: Beauty patch treatment. Wish though they had done this activity in many parts of the world including Pakistan before the revelation.


Lets share with you how Dove came up with this phenomenal idea which was globally launched in 58 countries including Pakistan.

The Dove: Patches experiment was guided by psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology) who has spent thirty years conducting scientific research around women’s body image and self-esteem.


During the experiment Dr. Kearney-Cooke invited the participants to wear a custom-made “beauty patch” for two weeks, which – would help them feel more beautiful.  The women were then invited to keep a personal account of their life-changing experience throughout the two week period. All the women agreed that wearing the “beauty patch” helped to improve their self-esteem and to change their personal lives in ways that they had not imagined.

At the end of the experiment, however, it is revealed that the “beauty patch” contained nothing and that the power of believing in their own beauty influenced feeling beautiful.


“When a woman feels beautiful, she radiates happiness and confidence, which inspires her life in a significant way,” said Dr. Kearney-Cooke.  “These women, like so many others, struggle to recognize their own beauty and it severely affects their daily lives.  This first of its kind experiment designed to illustrate that beauty is a state of mind and that the power to feel beautiful comes from within.”.


Dove Patch experiment will prove as a revolutionary step towards enhancing one’s body image. We are who we are, and we are unique. We are flawed, and it is only human to be flawed. Nobody is perfect. Dove Patch tells you to embrace your inner beauty, and love yourself for who you are. it’s a much needed experiment in this world where everyone has access to so much knowledge, that it is easy to feel insecure. But Dove is here for the rescue. Dove knows Beauty is a state of mind and it brings it to the world. One cannot be more grateful to Dove, and to one’s self for accepting it.




Author: umairhmirza


2 thoughts on “#BeautyIs a state of mind ! Thanks Dove

  1. Agree with Dove 100%. What is beautiful is up to us to decide, and we decide we are beautiful!

  2. I somehow tend to disagree if the brand wants me to believe I don’t need product to feel beautiful and its all in my head.
    Then why should I buy dove?

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