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Your Hair, Style them: YES ! Nourish ? .. a bigger YES!

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Guest Post

Fashion weeks the top trend, hands down.

A marvelous 3 day event it was, so who would not want to talk about it…and talks had begun at the event itself.

“Ayesha Omar rocked her hair color, I so see myself wearing that”, exclaimed an excited teenager as the star walked the ramp clad in Maheen Karim. “It will damage her hair beyond measures and yours too, once you get it”, came the reality check for her from an elderly lady sitting next to her, dampening her excitement completely.

Over hearing this did make one wonder of the damage caused to the hair.  Not just the star on the ramp but generally. Excessive use of styling products takes away hair’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. The heat induced straightening and curling that look so absolutely fabulous on, not just the models, media personals, but even us- the common public.  As it is, one plays a lot with color on hair. Add to that the weather changes and pollution adding to destruction done. Excessive exposure to the sun can make one’s hair weak, dry and prone to damage resulting in split ends, frizz, breakage and dullness. Precisely everything a model should not be known for.

The lifeless-ness, split ends and frizz is not just results of one time excessive use of styling products and coloring , as it turns out. It is in fact, damage that has been done over several years by all the factors including external. Hair is fragile and needs constant nourishing for it to look its best. A single strand of hair’s structure is similar to that of a brick wall, quite interesting. One could never relate a brick wall and hair, especially since one just classified it as fragile, but if one gets into the minute details of it, such is the case.

The trials that one puts their hair through every single day for it to look a certain way cause these bricks to shift resulting in gaps in the structure. The idea then is to fill gaps and give the hair its natural strength back. Which, as one found out is through keratin. Yes folks, answer to hair rehab is Keratin, which fills these gaps up with the nourishing fibers to restore the health of hair, eventually resulting in stronger hair which does not break, splits and is dull anymore no matter how much you color or style it. (Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is also the key structural component of hair) The best part being, one also doesn’t have to compromise on the trendy hair of the season.  Here’s to rocking one’s favorite look fresh off the ramp.

This guest post was by Sabeen Raza, who works for a MNC and loves to write (and probably can’t stand people not being serious about their hair 😀 )  

Author: umairhmirza


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