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For the first time ! LUX unveils Lux Star Calendar 2014


UMAIRICA shares with you the images from the LUX Star Calender 2014

Seeing Fahad Mustafa here, he should really thank the Almighty for being part of the Calendar …..

Lux unveiled the first ever celebrity calendar of Pakistan amidst some of the biggest celebrities of Pakistan at the Lahore Grande, with a lavish and star-studded launch. The calendar, which is the first ever celebrity calendar of Pakistan, was eagerly being awaited since a while now and when it was finally unveiled at the event, it proved to be a visual treat for guests who fervently praised the imagery featured in it. People from all fields came and added color to the event. 

Emaad Irfani, who has previously also been seen in the Lux TV commercial, has been featured in the calendar along with supermodel Rabia Butt, both placed in a modern city setting. Actors Mehwish Hyatt and Fahad Mustafa on the other hand, are seen placed in a more romantic setting. What is common in both settings however, is the touch of class and sophistication which has been captured in a truly beautiful manner by ace photographers Guddu and Shaani. Renowned fashion designer Kamiar Rokni designed clothes exclusively for this shoot and they were truly a class apart from the usual designer wear.

Pictures featured in the calendar, were also displayed in the form of an art gallery at the event. There was an exclusive live photo booth where pictures were taken of all guests and then developed and framed to be gifted to them, serving as a souvenir to remind them of the glamorous night they attended.

Management of the event was handled by J&S which made sure that it would be a night to remember, right down from the décor to the food. The ambience of the event was created by inspiration taken from the calendar photo shoot itself and thus had a very baroque romantic feel to it. The live orchestra also added a unique touch.

PR for the event was handled by Pitch Media Inc.

Images (By Faisal Farooqi) from the Launch event, which looks absoultely stunning ! 


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3 thoughts on “For the first time ! LUX unveils Lux Star Calendar 2014

  1. what do u mean that Fahad should be thankful to the Creator for being on the calender, he is one of the few most versatile actors; yes he has changed his skin color which has lost his charm but still what do u mean?

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