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In recent years so many online stores have popped up in Pakistan but none can match what has to offer. A few minutes spent on and I bet you will say … it’s like I am in a huge shopping mall with nothing but quality shops!

Daraz logo

I have fallen in love with guys. You won’t find silly, never heard of, creepy brands here, like the ones most e-stores are surviving on. You will find a world of products with great price ranges at, unlike some online stores which are selling cheap B-grade stuff or very expensive stuff that is not for me at least.


The most amazing part about is that you actually are saving money; in my case some serious amount of money! 1. I live in one corner of the metropolis and my favorite mall asks for a mad 55 kilometers of driving 2. My car has no CNG 3. It’s Karachi, famous for very dangerous reasons. And when I eventually make it to Dolmen Mall, it’s hard to resist and I end up spending way too much stuff I don’t need and spending as much in the food court also: p

Interestingly, Most of these online stores are actually selling products at a price higher in comparison to the prices offered at stores. Not in’s case however. It’s the same price, in fact cheaper. Goodness me, so many discount offers and endless sales!


The shopping experience on this online shopping mall is top notch! It’s so ridiculously simple, offering more than 5 payment methods, guaranteeing safe shopping experience, currency options, free delivery and much more.

One other thing that will make you fall in love with are the shopping categories and how you can easily maneuver through them as per your requirement. You can set a price range; you can omit the brands you are not interested in. Wow! You can even select the colors and you would not need to call the offices to check if your size is available ( indicates the available sizes or mentions gone out of stock). There is more – you have a 7 day free return policy and also tells you the exact date your product will be delivered to you!

UMAIRICA asked Muneeb Idrees Maayr, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at some questions

Muneeb Idrees

Let’s talk stats – How many approximate sales are being made monthly and are you happy with the numbers?

We ship 1,000+ items daily to over 180 cities in Pakistan & Internationally and this number is growing by the day ad banners are it seems on every website in the world, even if the website has nothing to do with fashion? What is your advertising policy? Why haven’t you ventured into placing ads on TV and / or in print?

Our ads tend to follow users online who have an interest in clothing or shoes. Everyone wears clothes and shoes, regardless of whether they are into fashion or not, so our target market is every single person out there who has access to an internet connection. We think 27 million people (the number of internet users in Pakistan) is a big enough audience for us to target right now than venture out and target a bigger audience through TV and print just right now.

Why daraz, why not Almari, when you have all the world of products to offer and daraz is too small a space to fit all in 😀 ?

I don’t think we really fussed about the name that much, it was proposed and welcomed by the team and we liked it. Plus, now that I think of it an almari is often locked up and impersonal. A daraz is more personal and frequently used.

Amazon drones delivering orders – silly innovation or a smart one? Are there any new innovative ideas that may be working upon? (People in Pakistan are still not very tech-savy).

I don’t think Amazon is materially serious about deploying drones right away, it’s a novel concept that may have applications in the future but garnered a lot of media interest which I presume was the real objective. I don’t think we’re at a stage where we need to experiment with novel futuristic ideas right now, we simply need to help execute existing global concepts of eCommerce in Pakistan.

Will 3G have any dramatic effect on online shopping in Pakistan?

So 3G really means using hi speed internet on your phone like Wifi with broadband, that too anywhere. And that becomes a game changer for any eCommerce business because suddenly, just like you can check emails on your smart-phones on Edge, you’ll be able to browse through catalogs and we will surely be there to meet customer needs.

Why was there a need of delivering worldwide? Doesn’t that makes things more complicated, for instance, in case of 7 days return?

There are about 7 million non-resident Pakistanis living overseas, and women particularly continue to buy kurtas from Pakistan. We’re not offering returns on products that are shipped internationally just now particularly because of reverse logistics hassles, but there is a customer demand out there for Pakistani clothes and we are happy to meet it.

Special thanks to Team Pitch Media inc. for all the assistance  


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5 thoughts on “ – The ultimate online shopping experience

  1. i once ordered clothes from Daraz, they were moving their warehouse and called after a week to tell me they won’t be delivering my order… havent tried since.

  2. I love nobody can match the level of efficacy they have. Plus, you have the option to buy anything to vamp up your wardrobe!

    Loved the post!

  3. WOW just what I was looking for. Came hedre by searching for online shopping in pakistan clothes

  4. Worse experience at Daraz Pk .. Please don’t ever trust any online shopping in Pak specially darazpk.. Never ever fall in the trap.. My advice to everyone in Pakistan.. Please spend little more than to loose a lot.. They all are fraud. Once your hard earned money is gone it won’t come back whatever you do..

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