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Giordano opens in Pakistan

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And probably when my cousins in Singapore would have gotten to know that Giordano finally opened in Pakistan, they would have high fived  each other. They must have thanked God for the reason that I won’t be worrying them every time they plan to visit Pakistan now.  I almost ruined their  lives sending messaging them to bring me tees or casual shirts from Girodano or say any menswear from Giordano.

So yes!! Giordano is here, one of UMAIRICA’s favorite brands. Giordano, founded in Hong Kong in 1981, is one of the world’s leading international retailers of apparel and accessories for men, women and children. I had the experience of spending dirhams on Giordano when I visited UAE some 6 years ago. #InstantLove !! And you can well imagine how much I waited for the brand to be launched in Pakistan.

Giordano is really good. It offers clothes that are relaxed, modern and stylish! Fabric quality is so good; clothes look great even after multiple washes.

Giordano’s launch event recently took place at Dolmen Mall Clifton and what a show it was. Event organized by Production 021 while media and pr was handled by Takell. Choreography for the show was by Nabeel Shaukat, Hair & make-up of the models were done by Angie Marshall. Celebrity makeovers were by Sabs and styling of the event was handled by Ehtesham Ansari.  Congratulations to all involved for putting up a fantastic event.

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Pictures by Movie Shoovy 

The Fashion presentation, apart from models, had celebrities making an appearance including our blogger boy Yildrim Butt. So proud of him.

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