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Levi’s® commuter line for Bikers is for everyone


Levi’s® has introduced its new commuter line for bikers in Pakistan and its g-r-e-a-t ! But for bikers only ? Well it’s actually for everyone. Levi’s® commuter line is not necessarily only for bikers, It just that it does have features that biker’s find helpful. I was at Dolmen Mall, Clifton a couple of days back and tried the commuter jeans. The comfort  this  511 slim fit jeans offers is really really good and do I even need to talk about the levi’s® fit? … NO ! Levi’s®   is undoubtedly the best brand that is offering the coolest quality jeans in Pakistan, a little expensive though when compared to our local brands but really..  paying an extra 1000 or so for Levi’s® I tell you is totally worth it !

levi's commuter

levi’s commuter

Let me share with you a bit more about as to why this jeans for everyone, is specifically tagged as biker’s jeans.

Water-resistant and dirt-repellent NanoSphere® protective finish
Odor-resistant Sanitized® protective finish
Reflective 3M™ Scotchlite™ tape on interior cuffs
U-lock storage on waistband; double-layered seat and back pockets
Stretch fabric

levi's commuter

levi’s commuter

I mean why would a regular customer mind the above features in his or her jeans 😉

levi's commuter

levi’s commuter

The Levi’s® people in Lahore have one heck of an active team. I so often receive emails from their PR company Pitch Media about exclusive contest, or a Music Latte or bringing in some international athletes to their stores or sponsoring local music artists.

This month Levi’s® engaged the Lahore heavy biking community for a two day activity which was infact for the introduction of their new Levi’s® commuter line in Pakistan.

All bikers who were a part of this activity, as well as motorsports and Levi’s® fans, had a great time. They were thrilled that the brand had organized an activity specifically for the biking community, which is a very rare happening in Pakistan.

Question: Did I only try on the commuter ? YES 😦  ! But I have told the guys at Levi’s  to keep one for me because ” I Will be back !!!” and I think I am ready now , I have saved enough to get hands on one ! 😀 .

I suggest if you are interested in trying and buying one, hit the Levi’s®  store at Dolmen Mall, Clifton. I Did not find commuter line available in Tariq road branch, and not sure about other stores.


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7 thoughts on “Levi’s® commuter line for Bikers is for everyone

  1. LOVEEEEEE OMG need to have these ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Can I persuade you to come a join the blog party tomorrow? xxx

  3. Well it’s’s the 27 oct..which means it’s BLOG PARTY TIME and you’re signed up! I have a yacht waiting at mine..come and check the party out! xxx

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