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Fashion Pakistan Council. The new team takes the driving seat


The newly elected Fashion Pakistan Council held its first press conference at Café Flo on 1st October. Handled By Catalyst PR, was a well attended affair by the news media and the fashion lovers. I have to tell you that press release was the most impressive one I have seen in the longest time. In all, everything about this new council is edgy till now.


The press conference was to share of what’s new and what are the councils’ plan for the year 2013/14.

Fashion Pakistan have had its fair share of ups and downs, but good thing is that it survived and came back with FPW 3 in the year 2012 which was after two years of utter cluelessness resulting majorly because of the financial mess. And now we have the newly elected Fashion Council by its board members.

The first time I heard of the new council chairpersons’ name , Designer Sanam Chaudhri and CEO, Wardha Saleem , I was wow’d ! This council is doing what PTI was supposed to do :D. Being democratic, first and secondly giving opportunity to those who have the mettle to do it , so what if they are too young to handle. The other team members are : Maheen Karim (Secretary), Nauman Arfeen, Sania Maskatiya, Mahin Hussain and Obaid Sheikh

The council announced many things, including the dates of the Fashion Weeks. No, there is no A/W showing this season . FPW 6 is to happen in Feb, 2014 and FPW 7 in Sep, 2014, Fashion night out this December, and some collaborations with The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) etc and much more in pipeline. Advisory committee is formed, which will be guiding the young council. All the best wishes from UMAIRICA. The very dynamic , very creative and business smart Advisory comittee includes: Tapu Javeri, Salim Chatoor, Deepak Perwani, Zahir Rahimtoola, Shamaeel Ansari, Taymur Paracha, Iqbal Telli, Feri Rawanian.

Its sad yet funny the problems this Fashion Council faces unlike other councils in this country. Hardly it gets a good press. Negatives somehow completely overtakes the positives. They say that there is no Karachi vs Lahore thing , but it all becomes very much like Maa giving kosnay to her son by comparing him to muhallay wali aunty kay bachhay. Be it fashion shows not starting and ending on time (interestingly way more efficient than others), too much exposure to the sponsors  (sadly thats how it works isnt it, and yes FPW is called FPW only and never been EFPW , E for etihad airways etc), bad clothes ( atleast they take risk and give opportunity to the new designers), or blaming  the previous council members for being too all about themselves and now with a young blood taking the driving seat, eyebrows are raised again.

Fact is that Fashion Pakistan Council introduced Pakistan on the fashion map of the world by giving Fashion Pakistan Week in 2009.

Fact is that most of the new successful designers today were first seen or got their first break in Fashion Pakistan Week. The list includes chairperson Sanam Chaudhri, The CEO Wardha Saleem, Zaheer Abbas, Fahad Hussayn, Baani D, Adnan Pardesy and so so many more. (please correct me if wrong with any name)

Another good thing about Fashion Pakistan Council is that it does not restricts its board members to show their collections at other Fashion weeks. Rightly has been voices raised at the fashion councils that where is the business ? where are the numbers ? Atleast one can say that Fashion Pakistan Council members have been tapping the markets within the country especially Punjab region by showing their collections there also. While you don’t hear much about the designers from other councils in Karachi.

Fashion Pakistan Week took Pakistani Fashion to Milan and Singapore Fashion Weeks. Now thats no Joke. A huge huge achievement.

Still terming FPC over all only as a failure, I think I gave reasons enough to disagree to that.

UMAIRICA once again wishes the new council the best of the best and congratulates the previous council for what they have done for the Pakistani Fashion in all these years.

UMAIRICA loves Pakistani Fashion and all the people who put in their efforts to make it bigger and better.


Author: umairhmirza


7 thoughts on “Fashion Pakistan Council. The new team takes the driving seat

  1. At least they’re showing they’re committed to fashion, AND democracy 😀

  2. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho! Beijo

  3. I am really looking forward to this new young team. Some people are unnecessarily bashing FPW because of their ulterior motives. I believe in letting everybody a fair chance and then let the team’s results do the talking.

  4. oh dear god… reading this was a trial unto itself. I wish FPW luck! Hopefully FWs in Pak can evolve beyond social gatherings (PSFW managed this somewhat)

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