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Ocean Mall and the Opening of Fifth Avenue Store



Wow Ocean Mall you really did surprised us. Ocean Mall located in the tallest building of Pakistan (let see for how many more months), Ocean Tower, had everybody in Karachi so excited. Dolmen Mall, that has even foreigners’ jaws dropping that how come Pakistan pulled out such an amazing, truly international standard mall in their country, hopes were really high from Ocean Mall. Sigh ..Oh sigh .. It’s so so average looking.

pictures credit : google image search :)

OCEAN TOWER – pictures credit : google image search 🙂

From the floor tiles to the stairs and an absolutely strange architect from inside, Were they out of money? Were they in a hurry or they just given up after Dolmen? But hey.. Wait, all is not a sad story. It does promises you really good options for shopping, which is then what really matters for most. I am though one of those who would not mind paying 10 Rs. extra for Nestle juice at Naheed , then to shop at terrifying Imtiaz Store. (Graves offer more room than space between the shelves at Imtiaz), great shops are opening on all the floors and this promises for Ocean Mall that it won’t die out like a disaster Emerald Mall. Emerald Mall? No it doesn’t even deserve to be talked about, it is this bad.


And there best store yet! See this is where Ocean Mall is setting high standards. The Two-story Fifth Avenue on the 3rd floor of Ocean Mall is loaded with cool clothing options for teens. The event which was organized by PRODUCTIONO21 with the PR & media handled by Takell was a success. Event was very well attended by the celebrities and for a change; models were not presenting anything but were being their normal selves’ in a guest mode. I love Abeer, (all my bloggers fraternity knows that 😀 ), It was nice to see her lively and enjoying the event along with her friends.

Abeer and Abbas Jafri

Abeer and Abbas Jafri

Abbas Jafri was there and followed him the cameras and his endless amount of fans wanting to have a pic taken with him 🙂 .  And there was live music. Komail and Ammar Anam, who jammed some really good music, it seems are much more serious about their music unlike their daddy. Khalid Anum at his time rocked the music charts with his song Peera Ho, but nothing really came after that. Best wishes for his children.

“Fifth Avenue Clothing’s selection features casual shirts, polo shirts, jackets, vests, belts, bags and wallets. Fifth Avenue Woman on the other hand, is built on the same tenets as the men’s line, offering women the same classic and chic style perfect for the metropolitan female, with an impressive collection of blouses, polo shirts, dresses, slacks, skirts, suits, jackets and handbags.”

For me, Fifth Avenue is very much a teen brand and a bit beyond. It can be age categorized as 13 to 25. Some of the clothes made me go… “Kash mein abhi nojawan hota tou ye T-shirt utha laita”: D . Plus, Variety to chose from is immense, hence it’s a must visit.

From my camera

From my camera

Ok, this offer is for the people I know, cuz I am couriering nothing! I have two 20%  discount cards, valid only for this Fifth Avenue at Ocean Mall and valid till September 10th.  Go visit Fifth Avenue, see if you like anything, and then ask me for the card and enjoy the discount: D


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7 thoughts on “Ocean Mall and the Opening of Fifth Avenue Store

  1. Oooh! So many celebs!

    I’m awaiting your #VCB2013 post 😀 post it the very nest day, ok? 😀

  2. I was about to comment about the pictures when I read the fineprint about the credit 😛

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