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The UNILEVER SHOW at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, 2013 – Pictures tell the story


The lead sponsor of the PFDC “Sunsilk” Fashion apart from supporting the Pakistani fashion industry was in full force with 3 of its fantastic activities at the red carpet.

Handled by Catalyst PR & Marketing and presence of  Uni Lever’s Fareshte Aslam at all shows for 4 days fashion event , we truly loved the Red Carpet excitement.

UMAIRICA did a detailed blog post on Sunsilk’s Limited Fashion Edition bottles earlier, Let us tell you about POND’s Reveal Lounge and the Magnum Bar.


The Press Release

Continuing with its tradition of giving you an exclusive preview of the next day’s collections, The Pond’s reveal lounge stole the red carpet all 4 days at the recent edition of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week. The lounge which was literally the biggest thing on the red carpet, capturing the attention of all the fashionistas and guests.

The Pond’s reveal lounge started with a first day surprise when the hosting of Pond’s reveal lounge unveiling was carried out by none other than the lady who never fails to surprise us with huge and astonishing creations, the legendary Frieha Altaf. The red curtains went up to display a beautiful antique stage with mannequins displaying pieces from the creations of the designers who were set to show their collection the next day at PFDC.  On the 2nd day Once again the lounge gave a sneak preview of Mohsin Ali, Zonia Anwer,  Karma, Laila Chatoor, Adnan Pardesy and Shehla Chatoor’s collections. The third day, it was Maheen Karim, Ali Xeeshan, Wardha Saleem, Kayseria’s collections on the display.

 Just when we thought we had seen it all, the final day of Pond’s reveal lounge at PFDC kicked off with the unveiling done by the elegant Sehyr Saigol. The curtain went up to reveal not mannequins but live models who proudly walked around the stage clad in Feeha Jamshed’s capsule collection. The collection successfully translated intangible characteristics of the brand into apparel. The line displayed dresses in black, white and gold that paid full homage to the sophistication, poise, playfulness and radiance of Ponds. The curtains came down on the lounge on the final day to applause, amazement and awe.


The Press Release

In the midst of plethora of multitude of brands showcasing their collection in an aura of effervescence at PFDC, one could not miss out on Magnum Bar setup, which added a jovial element to the magnificent event. Magnum’s Brand ambassador was the iconic Ayaan. 

Magnum introduced an exclusive concept with the theme being ‘make your own chocolate’. This allowed the crowd to indulge in chocolate madness and enabling them to add a drizzle of their most desired chocolate flavor.          

Magnum’s ice cream was made available in three distinct variants including Magnum Classic, Magnum Almond, & Magnum Chocolate Truffle.

The guest in attendance included crème la de crème of the fashion world and esteemed personalities including Ayesha Hashwani, Tapu Javeri, Huma Adnan, Frieha Altaf, Shehla & Salim Chatoor.

UMAIRICA had great time indulging Make your own Magnum Bars with some exciting toppings.

You will love these Magnum Pictures and get an idea how many Magnum Bars UMAIRICA alone ate 😉

Oh yes, there was this Sunsilk Invisible Fashion Week happening too 😉 watch the video :



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4 thoughts on “The UNILEVER SHOW at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, 2013 – Pictures tell the story

  1. You just HAD to put up my worst picture 😀

    It was sooooooooo much fun!

  2. Itneeeee sareeeeeeee MAGNUMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmzzzzz!

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