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My Punjabi Love Music Video is “da BOMB” !

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Directed by the very talented Adnan Malik and acting talents of international  best actress awards collector, Amina Sheikh, Bumbu Sauce’s My Punjabi Love  Music video is a KillBill entertainment.

My Punjabi Love project is the perfect case of  a Video totally over shadowing the song .. but its good, its get you in the groove. Bumbu Sauce’s music is so refreshing and fun, while others are busy with their alu andays, chal perha, vote daal ! They need to give a break to their social service music now ! or may just not just stick to that. Thank God to Bumbu Sauce for the ENTERTAINMENT.

click for Bumbu Sauce Sound cloud Page

The two scenes that were just amazing and had us ROFL’ing at the official launch at Cafe 76.. One was the Kung-Mullah-Fu training and the other was the yeh rakh kay tamancha by the Punjaban Uma Thurman.  Here is the video link.

Let me take another very quick opportunity to talk about our music scene… Where is the good music gone yar ? Make some good music friends so that Saqib Malik, and Jami and Asim Raza wake up to make some good videos for us.

Prediction: Adnan Malik is winning another LSA for this great piece of an adventurous art. Remind you that Mera Bichra Yar got him the LSA last year.

The official launch event was sponsored by Stoneage and managed by Catalyst PR.


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One thought on “My Punjabi Love Music Video is “da BOMB” !

  1. haha the video is really cool. a refreshing break from the dukh bharay ganay usually being produced nowadays

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