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Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2013 – Lets have some Denim Play – HASINA KHANANI

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We saw Hasina Khanani first time presenting her “Bring back my art ” collection at Pakistan Fashion Week, London last year. Hasina got some good reviews from the Critics and this probably have gotten her the opportunity to showcase at the Ultimate platform , Fashion Pakistan Week.  Hasina will be presenting here collection this April in FPW S/S, 2013.

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Hasina Loves playing with denim, which sets her apart from the league of other designers. We seldom see designers locally experimenting with denim fabric, even questions Hasina  ” I wonder why not many designers have ever worked on this before when denim is such a fun material to play with! not to mention the strength and how perfect it is for the hot climate we live in”.

Hasina plans the same in her first outing in FPW. “You will be seeing shades of classic blacks and blues in denim with an extreme cuts of glamour!”. The collection will showcase 16 to 18 pieces.

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Shahid Malik Photograpghy

Hasina, an English Literature graduate, has been in Fashion business since 2006, “my understanding in the field is all due to experience and being a memon kid we focus more of experience then text books. :)”

hasina 1

Haisna is of a view that education teaches you techniques … not creativity. “Creativity comes from within. One must have an eye for the “uniqueness” and the level of observation to be able to improvise and create!”

FPW since its inception in 2009 has been very whole heartedly supporting new talent. Zaheer Abbas, Fahd Hussayn, Wardha Saleem and many others got their first break in FPW and today they are the rising super star fashion deisgners.

All the best wishes Hasina Khanani.

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