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Gulabo of Maheen Khan and Wardha Saleem are the top most favorites of the “Copy Cats Creative lot of Designers” this year.

This Conversational Khaadi 2013 summer print’s idea it seems been picked directly from Gulabo’s Pakistan Fashion Week 2012’s collection!? I discussed with few of my expert friends that is it really or it’s just me ? But then yesterday at  Farah Legahri Lawn launch heard Deepak Perwani saying ” I like your Gulabo kurta” and the reply ” It’s actually Khaadi” .. and the moment I decided to turn this long kept draft to a blogpost.

khaadi Loves Gulabo

Another View:


This below picture was tweeted by Samra Muslim.
While out on a shopping spree ,  A Super Fashion enthusiast (and of course as enthusiastic for food and travelling :D) found this hanging at Nishat Linen’s . An all out chaapa of one of Wardha Saleem’s FPW 3’s Sinned collection .

wardha copied by Nishat linen and caught by Samra

Who should be put responsible for spreading this epidemic ?

The designers (some probably graduates from popular design schools of Pakistan) that these Fashion houses and Clothing companies hire ? ! What’s going on teachers ? What do you tell them about beta chaapa nahi marna, original rehna? but I tell you what ..  Every time my subordinate makes a mistake in a report or some email, my boss accounts me responsible for it, saying  “mein kis marz ki dawa hoon beta”. And he is so right. Same applies here , It’s the Fashion House’s lack or inability (or who knows the “creative” idea nurtured from there only) of proper scanning of what their designers are sending them.

Please FIND A CURE somebody to this spreading EPIDEMIC before announcing another Fashion Week.


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  1. plagarized idea? Yes … motif too? nope it is true that gulabo is credited with bringing truckart into fashion, but does it own rights to it? not really, so khaadi pretty much can technically can print a similar print and sell it to make money…its like saying florals cant be done by someone else coz XYZ designer does comes as shocking to people because of the fact that gulabo’s design philosophy and khaadi’s are as different as chalk n cheese and this move by khaadi, though not mistaken by any accounts since shamoon can seriously argue the ownership of truckart, is bound to leave bit of a bitter taste in the mouths of fashion goers. Will Shamoon own upto it?? Well we’d need to ask him n his team of designers as to how far were they updated with the local fashion if in case they claim it to be coincidental. Which is also a possibility since everything seems to have been done and as Vivienne Westwood puts it ‘its become difficult to shock people’

    As far as Wardah’s ensemble goes…one question..would it still have been noticable if the whole thing would have been made in a single color?? the cut is same….mind you am strictly not for plagarism and abhor it but a pencil skirt will remain a pencil skirt if X designer makes it or Y does. The problem here that happened was they did not filter the design as to how much they wanted to be ‘inspired’ by. As you said, it is definitely creative director’s responsibility as to what they want to project through their company’s products and need to filter out what they want to send as well as keep themselves updated as to whats happening in the market. If one wants to do something similar either own upto it or do it after a certain collection’s recall value has diminished

    P.S. i never heard any hullaboo when i saw Adnan Pardesy’s denim ‘inspired’ pieces on the racks of Body focus museum…wonder with such strong white collection why did Imrana translate it into denim to make it look similar to Mr. Pardesy’s collection

  2. By the way ‘WARDHA SALEEM” actually came up with incorporating Truck art in clothes for her Thesis BEFORE gulabo 🙂

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