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The Story of A Tapulicious Fan


With Special Thanks to Sam Kerwood, (a house wife and a super star baking queen who is living in England with her sweet family) for sharing her sheer crazy love for Tapu Javeri and her Florida vacation along with the Fashion Statement , A TAPULICIOUS Bag !

Sharing it as it is… 😉  here you go …..


Tapu…………….. Tapu Javeri ! just the mere mention of the name erects the hair on the back of my neck to stand to attention!

I first came across this Demi-God of a man in THAT infamous Meera interview on YouTube a few years ago.  Don’t ask me what embarked me to click on the video which was to stop me in my tracks and chin hit the floor with drooling excitement! – I still keep it as a favourite to remind me that chivalry isn’t dead! Ok I lied!…. I meant EYE CANDY is alive and well! 😉

The World is a Fan of Tapu Javeri

The World is a Fan of Tapu Javeri

Anyway, back to the MAN in question……. But before I go any further, can I just point out I’m no writer or wordsmith but just a humble passionate BAKER and FLIRT –( What I wouldn’t give to bake one of my ORGASMATRONIC delights for this man!) for me, I think the sun shines out of Mr. Javeri’s beautiful behind……. 😉

Watch Meera Interviewing Tapu Javeri

Sorry I deviated from the Meera interview….. Where was I? Oh yes! (Excuse me as I often drift off to have my very personal  #TapuJaveriMoments from time to time 😉   Haan, that blooming Meera interview. Well, cringing and squirming in my seat as I watched it made ME feel rather embarrassed and uncomfortable for the poor man who was being as chivalarous and courteous behind his phone while Madam Meera was oblivious and in cuckoo land! That was MY MOMENT when I just had to find out who this HUNK was?

A bit of HEAVY DUTY STALKING, sorry I meant research; I kind of got the gist of this man. Rather SUPER-LUSHIOUS for a Desi I thought to myself. FFWOOAAARRRRRRRRRR ……. Can I just say in my defence I’m no MAN EATER?!? – I just appreciate beauty and talent? Yeh right! …… Don’t believe me do you? ….. What’s wrong with a bit of window shopping? I can look and have a feel (I wish!) Cant I!? …….. I’m not buying!

My dossier revealed this man was of many talents. I’m not going to list them down, do your own research!  I was interested in the ‘Karachakra Scarves’ – See I’m a scarf kind of girl. Not into fashion ‘shashion’ or the latest trends at all.  Don’t do handbags either.  My husband Graham still cant fathom that nearly 18 years together I DON’T DO SHOPPING! I hate it! I know? A woman who doesn’t spend money or shop? Unheard of I know but then im ONE OF KIND! Samje? Comprende? Got it?

karachakra launch event . Picture courtesy : Xpoze Monthly

Maheen Khan in Tapu Javeri’s Scarf   Picture courtesy : Xpoze Monthly

Bechara Graham decided to surprise me with handbag for my birthday last year as he overheard me saying I wouldn’t mind a handbag. I was actually thinking of one of those ever so gorgeous Tapulicious Bags…. Imagine my horror when it turned out to be flipping Louis Vuitton bag! WTH? The poor mans emotions were deflated well and truly!  Its collecting dust somewhere in the loft……………recently ive decided to sell the damn thing and donate the money to my charity – just don’t tell Graham……

Picture courtesy: Labels e-store

Picture courtesy: Labels e-store

So!…. when I heard December last year that Tapu was releasing a new batch of bags…………. Well talk about excitement overdrive? I was hellbent on aquiring one. Not because it was JUST a #TapuliciousBag, but to me it was WEARABLE ART.  A piece of HISTORY and ART created by Tapu Javeri J.


I wont bore you guys on the hows and whens but all im going to say is that I DID aquire the said bag. (Thank you Labels e-store!). You can get a Tapulicious Bag too by clicking here 

Delivery was timed to arrive just in time before my holiday to Florida, USA. I signed for the package with trembling hands. Graham watched with amusement as I revelled in the excitement that finally I HAD one of Tapus creations, …. here,….. in MY HOUSE!….. MY HANDS! ………….. MY BAG, MY TAPU JAVERI BAG !!!, I hugged it so tightly I could hear my heartbeat within my head, stroked, ravaged and rubbed my hands all over it and will leave the rest to your imagination……….


So the bag and I had 2 weeks in sunny Florida. Compliments and questions from many.  I felt like a walking sandwich board advertising the bag. I should be on commission Mr Javeri J


MY BAG tells a story….. A story of exquisite Karachi style glamour architecture and taste, immortalised…… forever.

Thank you TAPU JAVERI as YOU fulfil very many requirements on very many levels not JUST for me, but to many millions of  #TapuDeewanis….. Tapu yaar, enj na kar 😉 CHEERS! J


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6 thoughts on “The Story of A Tapulicious Fan

  1. Great to read how a fashion consumer responds to one of the Pakistani fashion industry’s demigods. Kudos to her and Kudos to Umairica

  2. Loved reading this. SO FUN! And she’s gorgeous!

  3. I am pleased to read your post. very interesting and extremely logical. Thanks for this kind of post.

  4. Superb logical dissection, Really impressive details in your post.

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