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Of Plagiarism, Inspirations and “Coincidences” !

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This spring  is not just a SPRING of all world of Lawn, bloggers are keeping busy too. Style Stripped , Aamiriat and yours truly ( click for my post on Thredz doing Gulabo)  have been posting some curious cases of Plagiarism, Inspirations and “Coincidences” lately.

Seriously friends: I’ll ask my Univeristy to introduce a course on Plagiarsm / Inspirations, as I am just so confused. Some say: “so what”  , some are:  “WTH how can they do it” ? Questions on whats legal to plagiarise , and how much % can be copied to make it look its own boggles my mind. Thank God but .. Life just goes on the way it is !

This one was tweeted by Huma Adnan of FnkAsia on a discussion arose out of Aamiriat’s “Zara” fame blogpost, on how her creations have been copied by others ! or inspired …. or is it just a coincidence ?!


Wardha Saleem might question to the latter one ..  FnkAsia’s FPW4 collection had lots of knitting happening too just like in Wardha’s FPW 3 . Plagiarized ? Inspired ? Coincidence ?


(L) Sabeen Pasha in Wardha Saleem’s FolkPlay FPW3 (R) Fayeza Ansari in FnkAsia FPW4

Staying on Wardha Saleem. Creativity is blossoming big time…. Check this , how LALA ji ki Lawn has copied, no no Inspired ! Oh come on its just a coincidence


So then, Zara <> Sana Safinaz Lawn, Wardha <> Lala Lawn , Gulabo <> Thredz  Lawn? Seems Lawn makers dont take Lawn that seriously either .. Yes this can be termed as something good and POSITIVE. And advice to Pakistani Women : Please Adha saal Lawn he na pehna karain.


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One thought on “Of Plagiarism, Inspirations and “Coincidences” !

  1. Loved how you spotted Wardha Saleem’s design being ripped off by Lala Lawn

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