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I am thinking and thinking and thinking about what introduction to write for the duo Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer when everything has been said already. Everybody in Pakistan and beyond, from those women standing in never ending queues to get hands on atleast one print of  Sana Safinaz Lawn suit or the Fahsion critics or the bloggers or even their competition. Sana Safinaz are the most favorite, most talked about and most loved Fashion house of Pakistan.  So lets just go straight to the Q&A that I had with Queens of  the Lawn Kingdom.. THE Sana Safinaz..


1. Is this going to be for the first time that you will be e-retailing Sana Safinaz, courtesy ? Do you see a bright future in online fashion retailing business and Why?

Yes it is going to be the first time for us. We do believe that online fashion is the future. One can see the impact it has in the West. We think eventually it’s the convenience factor that will matter most.


2. You are the king brand of Lawn Fashion business? And now that everyone is popping out with their own, how serious do you take your competition?

Really seriously. Every new brand no matter how insignificant eats into your Market. There is a definite saturation number in Pakistan for Designer Lawn. So to get to No 1 is easier than staying at No 1. Competition is tough and one has to stay on one’s toes.

3. Unlike previous years, why is Sana Safinaz Lawn exhibitions (the most anticipated event in Pakistani fashion calendar) don’t take place anymore?

km_2755It had become a security issue. There were just too many people to handle. Our exhibition at Imperial jammed the roads from three swords to Dou Talwar . The head of Police told us they had never seen anything like it in the history of Karachi. The next year at Expo Center, we had more than 20,000 people. It became insane. So we took the decision there and then that the following year we would go straight into shops. More convenience, less hassle for the customer.

( Beware Labels e -store .. you might see your webiste taking a toll of online buyers this time 😉 , but truly! helps the cause as Sana Safinaz say: More convenience, less hassle )

4. The Sana Safinaz brand Ambassador is Neha for some years now. Any special reason Why Neha?

Neha epitomizes the SanaSafinaz women. She is dusky, sexy and understated all at the same time.

5. Please explain what sets apart Sana Safinaz lawn from other bands?

Sana Safinaz lawn sets us apart time and again because we are actually the innovators of lawn. Every new concept thathas being introduced into lawn has been done by us. That kind of innovation buys your customer loyalty. We work on every print like they are our babies. We use the finest quality of fabrics. Constant innovation with new methods of fabrication! We try to give a complete collection every year. With new ideas on emb. We are going with less is more this year and also encouraging the customer to indulge in shorter lengths. ( Thank GOD! )


6. How many prints is Sana Safinaz offering this summer?

We are doing 15 prints in two color ways.

7. Does the uncertain security situation of the country (especially Karachi) really affect the sales at all?

Yes most certainly it does. Who wants to buy anything forget lawn when you feel unsafe and you can see your country suffer. Security issues affect the entire economy. ( I disagree , I bet you can have strikes falling a part 😀 )

8. You are most successful Lawn brand in the world. How socially responsible is your company? Activities that you may like to share?

We are extremely active in social welfare. Both of us are very religious and try to do the best that we can manage. We are both fully aware of Allah’s blessings and are truly grateful. However we do subscribe to the fact that all our charity is done anonymously. As it if preferred by Allah.

Special Thanks to Mr. Zahir Rahimtoola and Mr. Altaf Hashwani for all the help and assistance. 


Author: umairhmirza


9 thoughts on “LIKE LAWN IS TO SANA SAFINAZ – Interview

  1. the lawn queens are back… but though they have competition from sania and nida this time around, i think it’ll take some time for these two to be a potential threat to the queenies

  2. You’re forgetting the likes of Elan, Zara Shahjahan and Fahad Hussayn, whose designs readily available online this year and with some amazing prints…competition will be tough.

  3. Good going Umairicaaa awesome stuff :]

  4. Umairica going rocket high. Nice bhai. wesay ye kyun nahi pocha k Sasti lawn kab banaengi :p

  5. looking forward to their new collection. great blog btw.

  6. Composed in a competent, good going, Umair!
    I guess woman go crazy over lawn because they are always in fashion and give you the comfort and elegant look every time you wear them. Its beauty is beyond any comparison; many trends come and go but these lawn designs are never outdated. However, I just wish the designer(s) could get an economical market to lawns which cater to each and every one, and not just the privileged. Conversely, best wishes to all.

  7. to be straight forward i never liked the lawn whenever creating anything for a client or even the females in my family. but yesh ever since Sana safinas are in the market i loved their prints… the crispy Interview kept me reading till the last word..Loved the flair of the interview and hwo the questions were linked … Good work Umair.. Keep the crispiness coming along… All the best to the Lawn Queens for the Online thing…

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