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Unilever Pakistan had Mark Hampton flown into our beloved yet Insane Karachi for the launch of  Toni & Guy’s  Hair Meet Wardrobe products range.


And that was one heck of a launch . Almost 3 hours of event was filled with entertainment, lots of hair info and a fashion presentation. And realizing that the city was totally shut a day before due to reasons we all know, pulling off an event this smoothly and making it so memorable and exciting . Kudos Mark Hampton, Team Uni lever, Team Catalyst And RAK associates.


I was totally surprised and happy that Mark Hampton was least impressed by City’s recent security issues and had us realized that it happens everywhere and we should just not stop.

The Toni and Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe was launched to a select group of bloggers, fashionistas and journalists and comprised of If  I should say 3 segments. Before I tell you more . Wow Rak Associates, I heard things of what magic this team did with Magnum event last year, the setting created at Toni & guy’s launch. It was  just so F A N T A S T I C ! The dining table runway, customized cushions, and the digital bar, all in all a very british themed set up. The use of IPADS was so much though that I had to control my self not stealing one !


The show started with Mark Hampton’s guiding, explaining, teaching and replying to questions all about Hair and Hair Meet wardrobe products . Seriously guys,  Mark is a hair professor at age 28 (click here for Mark’s profile) ! Looks were created to demonstrate the product line on the models, which was CASUAL, CLASSIC, GLAMOUR. Hair were ofcourse treated by Mark Hampton and models were attired in Feeha Jamshed’s clothing line, Men’s Wear was done by by Republic and Jewellery by Kiran Fine. Catalyst PR and Marketing’s Frieha Altaf hosted the segment and yes Feeha Jamshed kinda too :p .


The next segment took us to the lounge, where it was Zoe Viccaji Jamming . She is the most brilliant “ever” and had everyone tapping their feet.

Soon began the 3rd segment, a breath taking fashion show, all handled by Bionic Woman Frieha Altaf. To ensure a successful event in the most turbulent times when people relate this Mega city to no less a Baghdad or Kandahar, please get in touch with her.


The Hair Meet Wardrobe product line is extensive and works really well . I have tried their Styling Pomade and Sea Salt Texturising spray  and I tell you freinds, have all the more respect for my hair now. felt and looked and smelt great !


The Twitter buzz:

Maliha Rehman @MalihaRehman

great fun at the Toni&Guy #hairmeetwardrobe event today … @markhamptonhair tweaks hair into unique, quirky dos 🙂

Tapu Javeri @tapujaveri

@markhamptonhair wonderful meeting u yesterday at #HMWinPakistan thanks for the great hair products. 🙂

TUDawood @TUDawood

“People can be in their comfort zones. New designs/looks can help things change. Knowledge is power,” says @markhamptonhair #Hmwinpakistan

Frieha Altaf @FriehaAltaf

Celebrating back to back awesome events Thank you all for coming! Zoe rocked it at Toni n guy along with Mark n feeha!

Mark Hampton @markhamptonhair

@Fareshte thanks so much for bringing me here and putting this together with your girls!!!!! #hairmeetwardrobe

Mark Hampton @markhamptonhair

@beautyseenpr @hair_wardrobepk what an amazing event!!! London we have a rival!!!!! Amazing time, really making us feel super welcome

Mark Hampton @markhamptonhair

What an incredible journey to Pakistan. So many amazing memories!!! Short journey but you made up for it guys!#hairmeetwardrobe #hmwpakistan

Enjoy the pictures (with special thanks to Catalyst PR & Moovy Shoovy):


This is a masterfully put together video by AMP (Adnan Malik Productions) of the very event, you will get to hear from Mark Hampton too and get an idea of what fun time we had there 😉


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  1. Nicely put together post

  2. sounds fab! do tell me about the hair products. im all in for great looking hair.

  3. OKaye so some good work is on the word press.. and yesh as u discussed it the other day, i could feel how marvellous would be the event itself.. would love to know about the Goody Bag’s Result onn you as em looking forward to some ov those as well… and you covered it nicely 🙂

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