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The blogger was on a ride yesterday the 1st march. It started with Sania Maskatiya’s Sapphire Lawn Media event , then came Maria. B’s Lawn launch and Thredz was the last and see what I found there ..  inspiration ? whatever it is, they made a mess of it ! a dupatta with chamkeela sunehra alif bay pay ! only if you have a  bad taste in fashion would go for it !


Talking of original Gulabo by Maheen, Awami Print kurta  (even the name AWAMI got hijacked by some 😉 ) I was blown away by this abosultely creative thought and not just me but many and this kurta was wiped off the Gulabo racks many times like a n y t h in g . What a desi , trendy style statement !



Author: umairhmirza


5 thoughts on “HOW ORIGINAL IS THAT !

  1. Uff ab tum bhi fashion police bangae!! Great to know aamiriat aint alone in this crusade! Way to go Umairica

  2. Reblogged this on aamiriat and commented:
    From a dear friend Umairica

  3. Originality at its worst.. i mean come on.. who would ever like to wear the Alif, Bey pey wala duppatta… Again.. you brought it in a Good manner Umair

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