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Dell laptops: Stylish, Ultra light and super fast on performance

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Literally who wants desktops now and people who have them in Pakistan are so fed up of surprise load sheddings and losing that important presentation or some downloading that too just-like-that !! With laptops you dont have to face these silly problems and so easy to carry!

I was at Dell road show at Park Towers on Sunday 24th for an ULTRABOOK EXPERIENCE. The event was managed by Pitch Media Inc. and so was the PR. Apart from the top end specifications of the Dell XPS ultra books and INSPIRON machines on display at a smartly done kiosk, (Oh Man! I have fallen in love with this inspiron 5421, aluminum brushed laptop, start saving Mr.!). I was totally blown away by the beauty of these Dell machines.

Ultrabooks - DellAt the end of the day all other manufacturers are offering the best of the specifications, for many the looks and feel of the machines play an important role in decision making. Dell is a winner! Wow. These Dell new laptops launched in Pakistan are sexy, Sleek, electric metallic colors and are ultra light.


The Dell’s country manager Mr. Shahzad Khan was there. Just to remind you that Dell was associated with country’s top style awards last year and I asked him if he plans to continue his association with LSA and his answer sounded promising: ” we are looking into it”.  I also took the opportunity to tell Mr. Shahzad Khan that how odd those dell prizes looked at LSA 2012’s ceremony. I tell you that’s not happening again, the country manager admitted that the size of the prized boxes were well..  “HUGE”.


another good news is that we will soon be seeing a brand ambassador representing Dell in Pakistan. Who? Dont know but that’s a very promising news. Our celebrities need more avenues and congratulations to Dell that they are not reducing their marketing campaigns just to a print medium. Won’t mind seeing some TVC’s too like we see in the country across the border.


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