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Rashid Rana brings his art extraordinaire to Mohatta Palace


The moment you enter inside the Mohatta Palace, bet you will have your vocabulary reduced to wow! Amazing! beautiful and all praising and complimenting adjectives, and then will be left pleading: Oh dear please stop… as this Art of Rashid Rana (1992 -2012) is so extensive and every piece brings in so much of intricate detailing that you will be overwhelmed. No exaggeration here but you can actually spend an hour looking at each master piece!


Before I talk more about Rashid Rana…This was my first time to Mohatta Palace, bypassing its history, what an amazing work Hamid Haroon and his team has done with it. It’s a very very high class museum today and Rashid Rana’s exhibition so well complimented it.

Rashid Rana is a well known name across the globe for his work which is in so many different modes like Abstractions on canvas, collaborations with a billboard painter, photographic/video performances, and collages using found material, photo mosaics, photo sculptures and large stainless steel works”Rashid Rana

He has so much on his credit, I suggest you to go Wikipedia Mr. Rashid Rana; I am ashamed not knowing him (like many) previously. He is one heck of a Pakistani to be proud of.

The exhibition is a must visit if you are an art lover and a force visit to non lovers because after attending Rana’s work, art might just become your next valentine!

A Gulabo coincidence

A Gulabo coincidence

There is nothing in the exhibition that is NOT to be missed. The video art was something very new to my eyes and it was SPLENDID.

The event was hosted by Hamid Haroon and we all know how much he loves to speak Unlike Rashid Rana who was forced to say a few words at the launch of “Labyrinth of Reflections”.  Yes those unending speeches had some yawning faces. Fakhru Bhai was the chief guest and officially announced the opening of the Exhibition and oh yes! “Election tou hoingay!”.

The launch was organized by Catalyst PR and Marketing.

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6 thoughts on “Rashid Rana brings his art extraordinaire to Mohatta Palace

  1. sounds wonderful.the pictures look very interesting

  2. its such a historical plz filled with amazing memories inside have great feeling and desire to visit thz palace wow is soooo wonderful plz regards asmafarrukh

  3. Mohatta , am amazing place… and now with amazing display of Rashid Rana. Nice elaboration Umair Mirza. 🙂

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