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2012 – A Fashionably Memorable Year


If there is one thing that’s apparently heading in the right direction in Pakistan, it’s its growing, if not now blossoming Fashion Industry. One could argue and deliberate back and forth whether Pakistani designers, both established and those just starting out, as well as the support system that helps them achieve their vision ie: models, stylists, photographers, magazines and PR companies constitute a cohesive Fashion Industry as opposed to a cottage variety.

However the fact remains that designers are working hard and creating collections twice a year, if not more which are being stocked at countless stores and loyal customers are buying them off the rack; event management companies’calendars are filled with fashion events; fashion publications are literally multiplying and flying off the printing presses and faring considerably well; Pakistan’s corporate and multinational companies compete to have their names associated with Fashion Weeks; TV channels try to have some fashion event or the other to show their own credibility and relevance; hair and makeup artists continue to open salons, and fashion bloggers have become influential commentators of style and opinion. The term supermodel finally has some validity with girls and some boys endorsing brands from Lawn to mobile phones and finally international clothing brands are popping up like never before.

Almost nothing else noteworthy emanated from any of Pakistan’s other “showbiz” departments in 2012, apart from sultry Turkish dramas hitting local airwaves resulting in TV producers and local actors protesting at press clubs. Pakistan’s Film Industry is almost non-existent (with some drama producers tagging their long plays as films, with audiences regrettably not ready to accept them as such as they lack the “feel” that a motion picture should have). And most sadly, the Pakistani Music industry has been reduced to Saaen and alu andays only, which now is extremely monotonous.

The service that the Pakistani Fashion Industry is offering to mend and slowly bolster the country’s tarnished image is incredible. Revealing Pakistan’s softer image to the world in regards to artistic and creative ability is a significant achievement. Our fashionistas have time and again proven that they are far more patriotic than any other group in the country and never miss a chance to say that they are proud to be Pakistani.

As 2012 approaches its end, UMAIRICA asked both Pakistani Fashion’s stars and supernovas what events in 2012 made it a memorable one for them. Enjoy!

Abbas Jafri

Abbas Jafri – Model 

2012 has been the most memorable and special year for me. So many achievements and awards, I am extremely thankful to the Almighty.  Winning LSA 12, Pak Media and Style360 awards for best model, being nominated Hottest Bearded Man in Asia Awards and other than that being ambassadors for Top Pakistani brands.

And now something very exclusive: UMAIRCA my friend I am going to NYC for my screen test.  I have gotten an offer from a well known Hollywood actor. I request UMAIRICA readers to wish me and pray for my success.

Ayesha Farook Hashwani – DesignerAyesha Farook

Every year has memorable occasions. This year I traveled extensively. I managed to grow my company and finally launch in places that I had on the agenda a while back!

My darling daughter did phenomenally well in her O’levels so I can exhale.  We had a fabulous trip this summer, just me and my 17yrs old baby. It was like traveling with your best friend. May we have many more to come!!


andleeb rana

Andleeb Rana Farhan – Editor, Xpoze  Magazine

2012 was most memorable because I spent a lot of time with my family. My brothers and I have crazy careers and we end up seeing each other only once in 2 years. But this year was fantastic: I had work in London and got to meet my younger one there and then mid-year I took a mini vacation with my dad and my brother joined us there too. My other brother also visited with his family. So it was a year where I spent lots of time with family. Also, 2012 was Xpoze’s best year so far. We saw the magazine reaching heights we never imagined! Also, I travelled a lot this year…..the most mind-blowing being my trip to Cappadocia, which was always a place me and my husband wanted to go to. 2012 has mashallah been a fab year for me. Here’s hoping 2013 is even better!!!


Adnan Pardesy – Designeradnan pardesy

I think professionally I did a lot of work this year and the biggest thing was my collaboration with SEFAM Group for their brand ‘Adnan Pardesy for THE WORKING WOMAN’… It was a dream and vision that became reality. On the personal front I think it has to be learning to let go and moving on and being happy ultimately and having a feeling free has really been the highlight for me. Allah has been really really kind.

Abeer Adeel – Model

abeerThe most memorable event of 2012 was in fact most memorable of my life; it was to walk for Fashion Pakistan Week 2012. FPW gave me an opportunity to model for almost all top designers who presented their designs, and I also got the chance to be show stopper. Well it all happened because of Veet Super Model contest. Mashallah I have done quite well and have been in the list of top scorers.

Frieha is an amazing personality; it’s been great learning experience working with her.


Deepak Perwani – Designer – Director, Fashion Pakistan CouncilDeepak Perwani

Of many things Fashion Pakistan Week happened, my Eithad award, the magnum brand ambassador, my show at the United Nations in New York and of course my niece telling me that she didn’t want to become a designer and rather be a pilot! So yes 2012 has been great so far.



Deepak n Fahad – Designers Dnf

We started our very own label this year and we got a chance to be a part of Pakistan’s biggest fashion week, Fashion Pakistan Week and got to work with some fabulous people in the industry.



Frieha Altaf – CEO, Catwalk Productions

frieha AltafFPW made a comeback! LSA was amazing! Really Discovered twitter! My son won 7 medals in India! And VEET Miss SUPERMODEL was a super hit! Love is all around me and I’m truly blessed with a great family and friends! And thank you Umair for your support!


Fayyaz Ahmed – Photographer, Music Videos Director Fayyaz Ahmed

It was memorable due to the viral hit of ‘Sher Khan’ music video I directed and the Stoneage winter campaign that I really enjoyed shooting in Abbottabad and its surroundings. That’s where I realized how beautiful Pakistan is.




Huma Adnan – DesignerHuma Adnan

Yes 2012 surely was a very fashionably memorable year. We had done successful collections in the runway in Pakistan n internationally. It surely will help in taking Pakistan places and fix the injured image to some extent. Inshallah.
On a personal note…I had a fab family year. Got to meet some old family members and spent time with them. Kids behaved well and had great school year.



Kiran Aman – Designer, JewelleryKiran Aman

I had a string of epiphanies!!  🙂



Maheen Khan – Designer – CEO, Fashion Pakistan Councilmaheen khan







Maheen Karim – Designermaheen karim

Retail in Pakistan is growing to greater heights, the Fashion industry is growing andloads of people have appreciated my work…I am grateful to God.




Mohsin Sayeed – Designer mohsin sayeed

For me working with Iraj and Aliya Zaidi as both did shoots for The PinkTree Company and that was like reliving the best days of Fashion. My favorite artists Faiza Butt chose to wear PinkTree at two occasions, one in London and one in Delhi at the opening of her show. What excited me in 2012 was Iman Ahmed’s calico line which I loved. On the current state of affairs in Pakistan: Taliban are enemies but we are even worse!!


mubasher 2Mubashar Jamshaid – Model 

I am told that at a very young age I have left a mark on the map of Pakistani fashion industry and not only have I understood fashion, I have started living it and loving it…! 2012 you have been memorable… I saw all faces of love….!




Moiz Kazmi – Editor , Fashion Dietmoiz kazmi

Looking back to what was memorable for me through the year, I could say that this year was indeed one of the greatest and the most happening year that I have had. All the biggest things in my life happened during this year. The most challenging FPW daily issues and a year full of zillion blessings – Love, Desires, Friends – Lost some, but Gained some fabulous ones! Can’t thank God much…



374288_10151068260255424_2092225544_nNadia Hussain Super Model

2012 was very memorable for me since I was the first model ever to walk the ramp at 8 months pregnant. Then soon after I had my 3rd baby who’s absolutely the apple of everyone’s eye!!! Then after that I was back on the ramp with BCW in Lahore n then FPW in Karachi.. It was a great comeback after the 3rd baby!!! Other than that I had shifted my clinic Radiance to Sabs which proved to be a great move since the word has gotten around quite a bit and mashallah I have plenty of clients to keep me busy every day.. Fashion work keeps happening side by side and 2013 will see the launch of my spring summer collection of Lawn inshallah in Feb and then I do plan to expand my clinic and shoes at some point too

Selina Rashid Khan – CEO, Lotus Client Managementselina

2012 was a memorable year for me for several reasons:

Because I started expecting my first child; because Lotus got involved in art PR, a direction in which I always wanted Lotus to grow; because I got a baby nephew and because it marked 5 Years of Lotus PR.



Tehmina Khaled – CEO, Take II Client Management

2012 was memorable year for me because My PR Company TAKEII has done Tehmina Khaledextremely well. I handled brands like Debenhams, did pretty well in lawn season with brands like Rizwan Beyg, Afroze, Nadia Hussain. My company also did 2 day mega fashion events for TRADE DEVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN for EXPO PAKISTAN. On a business front it was a very successful and fulfilling year. Other than that my son Ammar did very well in his O’levels and also my better half Khaled Anam was selected by OUP as ambassador for children literature in Pakistan, which was like recognizing his lifelong efforts to promote education in children through media.


Wardha Saleemwardha saleem

It was a Big Year for my Brand.

1). Made my Fashion Week Debut

2). Showed 3 collections in 3 Fashion Weeks

3). Nominated in Best Lawn Category at Lux Style Awards

4). My brand today is available in 7 leading multi label stores in Pakistan


Zahir Rahimtoola – CEO, LABELS Multi-Designer Storeimages

2012 was a memorable year because I realized my dream of setting up Labels E-store thereby taking Pakistani fashion to all parts of the world.



Zaheer Abbas – Designer zaheer abbas

Winning Lsa for best emerging talent and etihad’s most inspiring designer were important achievements of my career which all happened this year.


Zurain Imam –  Fashion Critic, Journalist

zurainI continued to write pieces that I thought were important like my choice of six upcoming new female supermodels (‘Sizzling Six’) which I wrote for Express Tribune Magazine as well as the 28 designers FPW4 review I laboured over for DIVA! magazine. I also posed with other senior fashionsistas for VISAGE magazine’s 100th Anniversary cover.  I also wrote an extensive re-cap of FPW3 for FASHION DIET’S daily supplement during FPW4’s first day I parted ways with XPOZE magazine having been its Senior Assistant Editor for three-and-half years. The ride was fun and I wish the publication continued success. There were some ups and downs like my 5000 “friends-worthy” Facebook account being hacked, but all of the highs with the lows taught me that I am resilient and strong and who my true friends and well-wishers are and who are merely leeches and snakes! A year of major EDITS!


For UMAIRICA 2012 was a genesis. In April 2012 I began blogging and what an experience it has been. In only eight months UMAIRICA has had an incredible number of visitors and has been appreciated by many. UMAIRCIA stands out by probably being the only Video blog till date. A special thanks to all those Fashionistas who shared their instant views for my blog including Mathira’s memorable dress malfunction  “Things do happen” interview . A Special Thanks to Zurain Imam who was very courteous by reviewing the FPW 4 the very nights and were a hit 🙂 ! . UMAIRICA also stands out by being solely dedicated to Pakistani Fashion.

The most singularly memorable event for me was to be invited to LSA ’12 (my close friends and family members know how much of a diehard fan of the show I have been and being invited as a blogger with my own name tag placed on a chair was just a huge WOW moment! Furthermore there was the recognition offered by the Fashion Pakistan Council in dedicating front row space to the bloggers at FPW 2012 A/W. Both of these two events i.e LSA and FPW have been groundbreaking events which have not only set the bar for others but also showed the world that Pakistan is more than just cricket and politics. We celebrate our entertainment figures, give them respect as stars, acknowledge their talent and work and believe wholeheartedly that Pakistan Fashion is as good as any other in the world.

Pakistani Fashion Rocks!


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  1. Looks like 2012 really was an important year for the fashion industry. you too as you got to write all about it 😀

  2. Aloha man! I really value what you’re posting here. Keep posting that way.

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  6. Good stuff buddy. besides fashion i’m glad we met and became good underwear friends 🙂 best part for me during the year that i met knew exciting people.

  7. Goin Good Umair!!

  8. I couldn’t wait to go through all this as one of my friend shared the link for this particular blog on a social site … and as soon as I was done with the blog.. The very first impression on my mind was .. its simply is magnum opus by Umairica . 2012 was really momentous for fashion industry. And I applaud the way Umairica has recapitulated the whole year in his blog as the job couldn’t be done better than this …

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