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76 issues and counting – Xpozé turns 5

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UMAIRICA thought why not share again that part of our interview with Xpoze’s Editor-in-Chief  Andleeb Rana Farhan where we asked her about the successful journey that she has had with her baby Xpozé which is now 5 years?

Andleeb Rana and her "from my desk" looks in 5 yrs

Andleeb Rana and her “from my desk” looks in 5 yrs

ANDLEEB RANA KHAN: What can I say: I am humbled and thank god everyday for all the love and belief people have in me. At the age of 34, I have already had 3 career rebirths. I started modeling at 16 and simultaneously worked at an ad agency. I got to walk the ramp with some of the best models Pakistan has ever seen namely Bibi, Zoella, Zaidi, Sonia Mehnaz and etc. I had a fantastic time as an account manager for the ad firm and actually got amazing chances to work with legends like Elton John for the global Citibank campaign.

5th Anniversary Edition - Nov' 12

5th Anniversary Edition – Nov’ 12

I worked very closely with legends like Arshad Tareen when I worked for his newspaper (Lines) as his Creative Services Director. At the age of 23, I was already the editor of Mag, a jang group publication… and was trained in journalism by none other than the absolute legend, Shakil Ur Rehman. Internships at Vogue and Glamour followed and from a very young age, I have been travelling the world alone. It was all possible because of all the love and support I had of my parents. And then when I decided to get married, I just couldn’t thank god enough for the amazingly supportive husband I have… who not only encouraged me to launch Xpozé but supported me unconditionally. I guess when you work hard and are honest with your work, God has His ways of putting things together for you. Today if Xpozé is considered to be one of the best magazines in Pakistan, it’s simply because I have been honest with my work…. And that alone was possible because of all the support and love I have had from my family. And of course, I give all credit to my readers who have been part of all my different careers. I know some readers who use to write weekly letters to me in Lines, then Mag and now Xpozé. People I have never met….but who have always encouraged me.

UMAIRICIA's favorite covers

UMAIRICIA’s favorite XPOZE covers

These people are the ones I am honest for: if they want the magazine on the 1st of every month, they get it. If they want detailed Trend Reports, they get it. If they want me to be honest about the designers with them, that’s what they get. If they want a certain celeb on the cover, they get that. Advertisers often say that I am very with it when it comes to my readers….and I always say, they are the ones who have made me what I am today. Xpozé is what it is….simply because of its readers.

UMAIRICA congratulates Andleeb Rana Khan and her team on achiveing 5 years milestone with “ZERO ABSENTS”  and tell you what Mrs. Andleeb: We love Xpozé and want it to published forever 🙂 ..our fashion & lifestyle feed.


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