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Whattay Show ! Veet Super Model Contest Season 3

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Of all these endless no’s of TV dramas and prime time “news” programs, there is one show that has everybody hooked on to. Veet Miss Super Model contest 2012 being aired on most of the popular local TV channels has developed keen interest in the public.

Into its 3rd season, Veet Miss Super Model Contest 2012 is much bigger and very impressive.

This time the format of the show entails a well renowned panel of judges critiquing and giving contestants advice and tips on how to become super models through a series of challenges. Each challenge is followed by elimination and each episode has a new theme, style and approach to offer.

After an intense process of auditions, 10 out of 500 aspiring models from all over Pakistan, qualified to the Veet Super Model Contest. The winner will win various prizes, a contract from Pakistan’s first model agency, Cats Modeling and the opportunity to grab the coveted title of Veet Miss Super Model 2012!

5 episodes have been aired till date and while 3 more to go enthusiasm shown by the public is enormous and have been voting for their favorite models online. Interesting and challenging tasks by the Judges Frieha Altaf, Tapu Javeri and Nabila have viewers glued to the show.  Model / Vj Anoushey as a host of the show has done a great job.

Abeer -

Abeer -Anum- Danya- Eqra- Mahi – Mubashira – Nida – NoorulAin – Sana – Shehrish

Episode 1 was all about the auditions and selection of the Lucky 10 girls. Tears and smiles, it was a complete emotional roller coaster ride episode. The 3 star judges, who were really impressed by the talent over all, did a fantastic job by selecting the 10 best.


The 2nd episode of Veet Miss Super Model Contest saw girls getting a “revamp” makeover and photo shoot from Lux Style nominated Fayyaz Ahmed. The Guest judge, Nadia Hussain, who is the top model of Pakistan, gave important advices to the aspiring models.

Nadia - ImanAyyan - Meera

Nadia – Iman
Ayyan – Meera

In 3rd episode, we saw the girls taking part in a full-fledged photo shoot titled “Runaway Bride”.  Photo shoot was done by amazing Asad Tareen and the Guest judge and mentor was the beauty goddess, Iman Ali. The episode also had another task for girls where they were asked to host the Nine West launch event, which had its moments where the judges and the audience were left “rolling on the floor laughing”.

4th episode of Veet Super Model Contest gave the girls the opportunity to walk the runway. Ramp set at National Stadium Karachi and the designers being Nomi Ansari and Ali Zeeshan, the excitement on the girls faces was eminent. The celebrity judge and mentor was current heartthrob Model Ayyan.

The 5 episodes

The 5 episodes

If Makeovers, photo shoots and runway weren’t enough, 5th episode had girls working in an opportunity of a life time: A music video shot by Sohail Javed, song from Fakhir’s album and a guest appearance of super star Meera. One of the most difficult task but girls did a tremendous job and put in lots of effort to give their best. Meera was the celebrity judge and the mentor of the episode along with Fakhir.

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