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Etihad Airways Inspiring Designer and the Diamond Award winner – FPW A/W 2012


Question:  The best thing that could happen to any Fashion week, Apart from good clothes ?

Answer: Association with Etihad Airways!  Etihad Airways, the official airlines of Fashion Pakistan Week  has been giving a great support to Fashion Pakistan Council. Friendship which started only this March, 2012 has already blossomed so many greats.

FPW 3 , S/S 2012 saw the  initiation of Most inspiring designer award by Etihad and this time .. well .. It was Etihad all the way. From an amazingly grand Etihad lounge at FPW A/w 2012, to fun little Etihad photo booth (I loved my picture ! :D), to the collaboration with Fashion Pakistan’s Official Supplement Partner, Fashion Diet, to the Diamond Designer Award and ofcourse the most anticipated Inspiring Designer Award.

And in the live morning show of Hum tv (Tv media partners of FPW) on Nov’ 07th, we were revealed the winner of the Most inspiring designer of the FPW A/W 2012 .. so many good collections .. just so many. but YES ! the winner: Mr. Zaheer Abbas.

Deepak Perwani, Amer Khan, Shamael Ansari, Zaheer Abbas and Mr. Duraid Qureshi

Like Shehla Chatoor, the Etihad’s inspiring designer of FPW S/S 2012 and now Zaheer Abbas, this award by Etihad has really set a benchmark. A benchmark for excellence and for the best. And its so evident, the excitement that Etihad Inspiring award generates is fantastic (and some end being so excited that they start giving away T-shirts, but naah . not helping mr. ;D . MERIT is the word! ). Congratulations to Zaheer Abbas for mesmerizing fashionistas and fashion lovers across the globe with his outstanding pieces of art.

Earlier, we saw on the last day of Fashion Pakistan Week, A/W 2012, Etihad Airways presented the Etihad Diamond Designer Award to the ICONIC Mr. Deepak Perwani, for his achievements and 20 years contribution to the fashion industry in Pakistan.

Amer Khan, Area General Manager of Etihad Airways presenting Diamond award to Deepak Perwani along with the jury member Ms Ronak Lakhani and wooo peechay Samra Muslim 😀


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3 thoughts on “Etihad Airways Inspiring Designer and the Diamond Award winner – FPW A/W 2012

  1. Wow Umair … Great post! As always up ahead on the FPW news 😉

  2. Should have mentioned that You want him to win too :p

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