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Episode 3 – Day 3 of Fashion Pakistan Week.

We at UMAIRICA are honored to have the best of the best Mr. Zurain Imam , doing a Q&A session on the FPW A/W Designers collection EXLUSIVELY with us.

Q No.1. The collections . More hits and less misses ?

Zurain Imam: Day Three and the final day of FPW4 was replete with L-U-X-U-R-Y, eclecticism and drama. Mahin Karim’s plush military chic collection with Oriental details was gorgeous power-dressing at its most luxurious. Emraan Rajput‘s colourful retro chic menswear collection wasn’t bad; it had a few high points and the colour blocking was quite imaginative and bold. Delphi’s ‘Pithia collection with its juxtapositon of intricate crochet melded with pearls and metallic details was a novel and refreshing luxury dressing option.

Mahin Karim , Emran Rajput, Delphi
Rizwanullah, FnkAsia, Misha Lakhani

Rizwanullah‘s dark Gothic collection was grown up and refreshingly restrained with impressive silhouettes and details. FNKAsia‘s Out of Africa collection was fun, vibrant and full of wearable separates with bold accessories. Misha Lakhani‘s collection was young and fresh and juxtaposed a classic ethos with a contemporary vibe. Models told me that like Maheen Khan‘s designs, Misha’s clothes “felt” comfortable to wear. So all in all definitely more HITS than MISSES!

Q No. 2. Isn’t FPW 4 the strongest perfomance collections wise till date?

Zurain Imam: I think Pakistani designers are stepping up their game as many are venturing into the international market and so they are focusing on quality, design variations, experimentation and the use of luxurious fabrics. They have all more or less worked on strong thematic capsule collections while maintaining their signature style. So yes, perhaps in FP history the collections as a whole have been the strongest performance wise…

Q No. 3. All 3 days – The Newbies whom you feel are future stars ?

Zurain Imam:  Like I said earlier, all designers have to be encouraged to do better; if one sees a spark one needs to fan it. I think the future stars if they remain consistent and encouraged are Ishtiaq Afzal Khan, Misha Lakhani and Rizwanullah although the latter has been around for some time.

Ishtiaq Afzal Khan, Misha lakhani, Rizwanullah

Q No. 4. Karachi 6: A perfect end to a 3 day event?

Zurain Imam: That’s something to ponder over. Did these six designers make new collections for their joint presentation or did they just cull pieces from their previous collections and archives. The presentation was self-congratulatory but apt and presented the benchmark figures of Pakistani Fashion.

Shamaeel Ansari, Amir Adnan, Sadaf Maleterre
Shehla Chatoor, Deepak Perwani, Maheen Khan

Q No. 5.  Any comments on Social Media and Fashion blogging scene in Pakistan:

Zurain Imam: I sat among them on one of the days and “some” of the fashion bloggers obviously had no idea about fashion! God help the designers.

Q No. 6.  03 days of overdose of fashion .. how do u plan to relax yourself ? A vacation ? or just more more more work ?

Zurain: Imam:  It was a pleasant overdose ! Enjoyed the after party hosted by Saba and Kaukab Ansari so that was relaxing. Now back to work and reviewing almost two dozen collections!

The Bonus Question 😉 : What is your opinion of UMAIRICA and its relevance and contribution to the Pakistani Fashion Industry? 🙂 🙂

Zurain Imam: I think one of UMAIRICA’s strengths is the blogger Umair Mirza’s overt enthusiasm for the Fashion Pakistan fraternity/sisterhood. Umair has become quite astute at capturing the right “fashion moments” and posting relevant material. He has become quite popular and many at FP and beyond find him to be an asset to the fashion industry due to his compilations and swiftness in researching and posting.

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3 thoughts on “DAY 3 – ZURAIN IMAM’s EXCLUSIVE for UMAIRICA – Q&A on FPW A/W 2012

  1. Lucky YOU for BAGGING no other than ZURAIN for a quick overview! The GODFATHER of all that is Fashion in Pakistan! Makes me want to become interested in fashion 🙂

  2. Wow thats really fast! I don’t know when do you get time to do all this.

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