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We at UMAIRICA are honored to have the best of the best Mr. Zurain Imam , doing a Q&A session on the FPW A/W Designers collection EXLUSIVELY with us.

Q No. 1: Best Designer of the day ?

Zurain Imam:  I think the best designer of the day was Wardha Saleem. She ostensibly offered the whole package. She developed a strong theme; produced an über-creative short fashion film; presented a strong capsule collection replete with corresponding prints and details like the latoo heels and even presented her audience with mementoes so as not to forget the collection. The clothes were also well thought out with wearable ensembles and separates; the hallmark of good prêt or prêt à porter luxe wear. I also think the new designer Ishtiaq Afzal Khan is very promising: Another thematic, cohesive and well-produced collection.

Wardha Saleem’s collection

Designer: Ishtiaq Afzal Khan

Q No. 2: Designer who needs to work hard:

Iraj In Kuki Concepts

Zurain Imam:
All designers need to work hard and I am sure they all do; but some of them lose their focus. Kuki Concept had a strong theme and he had some hits like the painterly prints which he juxtaposed on to sleek shirt dresses but some of his pieces including the floppy fleurette dress and the pin-tucked gown that Iraj wore seemed amateurish and more like Fashion School thesis pieces. I think with him it is always a problem with poor fabric choice as well. Nargis Hafeez was also too conventional and bazaar-like for a Fashion Week presentation.

Q No.3: Your favorite model of the day ?

Zurain Imam: Favourite Male Model Tariq Niazi. He looked fit. Also Shahzad Noor because he looks like what a male model should look like.
Favourite Female Model: None. I am put off by female models because of their unprofessional behaviour and nastiness towards one another. But if I had to choose one or two models for their runway presentations and walk it would have to be….Fayezah Ansari and Amna Ilyas.

Tariq Niazi & Shahzad Noor

Q No. 4:  The best dressed of the Day ?

Zurain Imam:  Hmmm…Well they made a decision with Tapu’s same old black kurta shalwar and jacket. How many times can you award that?! I didn’t notice any outstandingly well dressed people. The make up artist Raana Khan looked Fashion-y as did designers Shehla Chatoor and Nomi Ansari….So those three perhaps….

Nomi Ansari on top right

Q No. 5:  That was new and sexy ! 

Zurain Imam: I thought Ishtiaq Afzal Khan’s take on the Desert Rose-themed abaya was controversial but kind of sexy. I also liked Wardha Saleem’s uber-cropped bolero jackets which were classic yet refreshing!

Pictures credit: Ahwed W Khan Photography (THE BEST !) and Samra Muslim

We take this opportunity to put forward the photogrpaghers complain : “not the perfect light !!”


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4 thoughts on “ZURAIN IMAM’s EXCLUSIVE for UMAIRICA – DAILY Q&A on FPW A/W 2012 – DAY 01

  1. A scoop from the LEGENDARY Zurain Zaheen Imaan! loved the answer for female model! Classic!

  2. i thought Ishtiaq khan’s collection was a train wreck.. trust me i know a train wreck when i see one.

    • Ishtiaq is a new designer and I saw a spark. I like to encourage new designers rather than tear them to pieces like other journalists who just see the “train wreck” and not the bit of steam that needs to be careened in the right direction….And you are?

  3. Now this is what I’ll be reading for the rest of the week’s lowdown! xoxo Zurain!

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