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“Socially Responsible” Fashion Compassion


First some news : Fashion ComPassion is bringing its Luxury accessories collection to Karachi. Where: Ensemble, Clifton. When: 11th October and I tell you after getting a preview of what Fashion ComPassion is offering, sincere suggestion is “Be quick O ladies! before they become sold out” …  Luxurious, chic, sexy and extremely smart !


So what is that makes Fashion ComPassion Socially Responsible ? in their own words “Fashion Compassion merges high-end design with ethical production practices, offering its customers some of the most eclectic accessories available in the world. Working closely with brands that employ marginalized communities and skilled artisans from Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh and now Pakistan who work under the direct tutelage of some of the finest designers, Fashion Compassion provides a global platform where these groups can retail their creations. Appealing to the sensibilities of fashion lovers world over and giving them an opportunity to directly contribute to the rehabilitation of these communities, the company has fast become one of the world’s leading socially conscious fashion brands. ” 

Really fantastic. Other than helping these communities, FC  also donates a percentage of its sales to charities that support marginalized women in various communities around the world.

As a consumer, isn’t it a great feeling that not only you get to own a fancy clutch for yourself 😉 but also you have supported a cause.

Fashion ComPassion today is supporting organizations like Oxfam, Women for Women, Girl Effect and Pakistan’s The Citizen Foundation.

Ayesha Mustafa

Ayesha Mustafa is the founder of Fashion Compassion. Ayesha has previously worked for Bangladesh’s Grameen foundation and Pepsi UK. Ayesha works with seven socially responsible brands from all over the world, and works closely with their founders to create new and exciting products.

Products you are expected to see at FC’s launch in Ensemble:

Fashion ComPassion is entering Pakistani market mainly with clutches and with time is expected to bring more accessories and clothing items.

Here are some snaps of their collection that will be available from Mid october:

Sougha Moon Clutch

Palestyle Clutch

Palestyle Clutch

Palestyle Clutch





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2 thoughts on ““Socially Responsible” Fashion Compassion

  1. all r beautiful.would like to see them today.

  2. they r all beautiful. will def see them and pick one.Ayesha mubarak .

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