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Misha Lakhani Debut Collection – Prime Elegance


Karachi on 30th August saw the Launch of Misha Lakhani’s Boutique and her Fall 2012 Debut collection. Expections were high as Misha Lakhani CV has things not seen in many of the new designers popping now almost on weekly basis. Misha did fashion designing courses at Central Saint Martin’s and has interned with Bunto Kazmi. CSM is the most prestigious and ranked world’s No.1 Fashion school and Bunto Kazmi of course is the legendary fashion designer of Pakistan and an instituition within.

The launch event was organized by Catwalk Productions and PR by Catalyst PR & Marketing.

The event saw the city’s elite and fashionistas flocked in to witness what Mishani Lakhani had in store for them. Perfect fusion of east meets west and west meets east had the attendees mesmerized. Detailing in each piece was intircate yet modern.

The Launch included a very refreshing Fashion presentation by the models, while some of the guests were also seen attired in Misha lakhani’s and looked fabulous.

Iman Pasha and Frieha Altaf in Misha Lakhani’s

Misha Lakhani’s designs are fully capable of drawing International attention and it would therefore be great seeing her presenting  her collection in country’s Fashion weeks. Let see if she has interests in showing in to Fashion weeks and then which council get hands on her first ..  Most Importantly, Looking forward to Misha Lakhani’s Spring Summer, 2013 collection.

Pictures from the event : 

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2 thoughts on “Misha Lakhani Debut Collection – Prime Elegance

  1. Amazing !, good luck. Expected nothing less from u Misha

  2. another new designer to arrive on the fashion scene.. good stuff.

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