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Now that the Pakistani Fashion Calendar has been droned (let’s give Tsunamis a break; drones are proving to be more consistent) by Fashion Weeks, Pakistani fashion designers have been compelled to infuse greater efforts in making their shows more distinctive. While in the world’s major fashion capitals, their leading designers invest huge amounts of money by hiring their own hair and make-up teams, creating lavish sets and catwalks et al ; in Pakistan, all of that frou frou is far from happening for obvious reasons. Pakistan is still a fledgling fashion industry and needs to grow by leaps and bounds. (An aside query: Is Lawn part of the Fashion elite or part of the Textile industry ? Hmm…something in between it seems. (Teesri Quwat is the in thing it seems :D)

So how are Pakistani fashion designers to stand out from their peers; how can each of them make their fashion presentations memorable give or take good or BAD clothes. Is the answer employing celebrity showstoppers !? It’s what we see designers in the Subcontinent resort to. While we see Bollywood actors sashaying down catwalks across the border, Pakistan lacks star quality. and we dont want pan-caked Lodhis, chewing gum Wahidis and expletive-spewing lLiaquats as showstoppers, do we ?
We asked some of Pakistan’s leading designers that if they were granted a wish to select a showstopper for their upcoming shows, who would they choose ? Let’s see what they had to say…

KAMIAR ROKNI : “My best friend and muse Maleeha Naipaul“. Talking of International celebrities, Kamiar named Kate Moss and Christy Turlington as his choices for showstoppers.

Tia, Maleeha Naipual and Kamiar Rokini

Christy Turlington , 43 is an American SUPER model


Anne Hathaway, 29 is a Hollywood Actress

AMIR ADNAN : “I don’t believe in show stoppers. Show is meant to promote the clothes not personality. In my shows clothes are my show stoppers and celebs wear them to be a show stopper.”

A memorable pic of Late MF Hussain who was a Surprise Show Stopper for Amir Adnan at Dubai Fashion Week

HUMA ADNAN : “I would love to dress up Β Sonam Kapoor. She is extremely stylish and very well groomed, fashion automatically comes to her first rather than acting. She can carry any look and does complete justice to a creation. Her roles in any movie ooze glamour and she is very conscious of her styling”. For Huma, Sonam Kapoor is more of a model and camera friendly.

Sonam Kapoor, 27 , is a Bollywood Actress

MOHSIN ALI :Β Kate Moss! For her versatility and her body frame and gesture just makes her be my Dream Showstopper!

KAte Moss, 38, A Super Model from England


Author: umairhmirza


15 thoughts on “Be My ShowStopper

  1. What??? No one wants Ali Zafar as show stopper? He is quite handsome.

  2. you are a serious fashion blogger. about time you are taken seriously. am very impressed Mirza! Sidra Rizvi

  3. Three words – I AM IMPRESSED

  4. Pretty well compiled feedback on showstoppers! Frankly I find the entire concept gimmicky – and in terms of gimmicks Nomi Ansari wins hand down when everyone walking the ramp for him at FPW3 was a show stopper! What fun πŸ˜‰

  5. Nice take on the ‘show-stopper’ mantra. Great blog Umair!

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  6. I like the new shorter copy,like the selection of pictures and introductory paragraph.

  7. Well written and witty, Umair! Didn’t know showstopppers were still used…remember all those wedding inspired showstoppers from ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’! A very honest piece! Kudos n keep blogging!

  8. For some reason Im liking what Amir Adnan has to say…its about the clothes not whos walking on the ramp! But I like your take on this ❀ πŸ™‚

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