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LUX STYLE AWARDS 2012 – Night to remember – HIGHLIGHTS


A bad day and a beautiful night.. That’s how Tuesday’s 10th July went for me. It began with course books surrounding me. Next was my exam that went bad .. no no very bad and as soon as exam ended I had to be there at the most stylish event of Pakistan.. the 11th Lux Style Awards, 2012 . But hey .. the bad had yet to end. On my way to Expo, my car broke down (can you believe!!) on National stadium BRIDGE, that too jam packed. Goodness me .. 40 minutes of torture and those honks … embarrassing! Finally some bikers cared enough to help me get my car started .. there you go, the bad part of my Tuesday finally took an end.

Lux Style Awards for past 11 years have been the highlight of Pakistani entertainment world. Youtube clips of these awards that help me explain to my foreign friends that Pakistan is not a taliban country “completely”, we are a normal country too, that celebrates our fashionistas, actors, musicians and film makers. There was this one more dream too.. to be sitting in the audience of LSA, enjoy and get lost in this glitzy , stylish night and be treated like a guest. It happened .. wow ! it did . not only did it happen, but I got a reserved seat with my name on it. Damn! did I not want to take it along with me home 😀 ! Thank you Ms. Nighat Aziz, Digital Media Manager of Catalyst PR & Marketing for inviting me and some other great bloggers to the event. #Lux style awards #LSA12 #LSA all these hashtags were trending on twitter!


We are quite sure by now all you readers must be knowing the award winners. Let us share some interesting highlights of the event.

1.  Glamour, Glamour some more Glamour well with a bit of daring to baring by sexy ladies. Things are definitely changing fast and furiously in Pakistan. (more misses , less hits though)

2. Class and style ! who ever was were wearing REPUBLIC by Omar Farooq! Finally some menswear designer to the rescue.

3. Green looks nice when it’s Grass only! No carpet can replace the Red carpet at an event that grand. The green doesn’t make sense especially when you entered the venue and first thing you saw was a Malboro box, serving cigarettes! Enter inside to see a “GO GREEN” carpet.

4. Bloggers (not all) you need not to dress chillax for every event. Let’s please help in shedding of the geek or a nerd tag off! An extra effort sometimes helps.

5. The Golden Ponds Girls. What for ? Or is it the new trend after Magnum table girls ? 

6. EXPO needs to have a service done to their Air conditioners.

7. Absolutely beautiful and stylish stage for Awards. Don’t we just love Team Unilever and Catwalk Productions for keeping it simple yet with so much finesse. (Indians learn, jumma bazar)

8. National Anthem ! ? Was it required ? Nope. Don’t think so.

9. Host: Ahmed Butt ! Pakistan has finally found its Sajid Khan. Loot liya show, some might have found his jokes a bit too much! Who cares, atleast we loved them.

10. Bloggers were informed that they will receive from UNILEVER, Ipads for tweeting. Cool na? But Thank God we had our phones fully charged!!

11. All more respect for Meera. Knowing poor 22 yrs old Meera is sitting in first row of the beautifully set tables, one after another after another award givers, including of course the Host made Meera jokes. Himmat hai!

12. Well then Meera, why do you give us reasons to … Ahmed But played Antakshiri with guests and asked Meera to sing a song with ” “RAY” or say RAA . and know what she sang . Ye dosti hum nahi choraingay .. choraingayyy . .. HUH !!

13.  Right after Film awards were over, Terrestrial TV awards began. Question is WHY? All private TV channels on one side and wasting awards especially for PTV and ATV . Most of us have these two channels skipped or kept them with kook, mehran, waseb, kawish and sshh Qtv on last numbers. Please UNILEVER there should be only 1 set of TV awards. It will also help you ending the show on time (3:00 A.M approx is when the show ended).

14.  Saba Qamar:  While Sania Saeed and Maira Khan posed a fake smile on losing best actress award (terrestrial), Saba Qamar was seen TOTALLY PISSED OFF at Sanam Baloch winning LSA.

15.  Ahmed Butt and his co-hosts Saba Qamar, Amina Sheikh were  JAAAN of the show.

16.  Frieha Altaf . Not for a moment we saw her sitting but busy with all those equipments and  managing the show. Salutes! She did receive award for Sana Safinaz and gave a good small speech.

17.  Adnan Malik’s Mera Bichra yar was definitely a worth winning Best Video award,  proud of the voters.

18.  Fashion collections by Fahd Hussain, Ali Zeeshan and Akif Mehmood. LUX definitely has shown waaaaaay better fashion shows in their previous awards.

19.  Nothing can beat Lux’s trophy, the Shopper and DELL dabba could have been given later.

20. Bilal Khan did some dance moves too. “HAHAHA” !

21. Faiza Samee’s Life time achievement awards speech went really very bad and chewing gum.. well ! kinda messed up the importance of this very “important” award.

22. Abbas Jafri, The best male model had his speech prepared. Smart thing. A great male model after a long time but funny is itna tou meera aur reema rona dhona nahi machati the amount Khawar Riaz is making.

23. Seems men have taken the job of throwing tantrums. Manzar Sehbai is just another example! Award jeet ker bhee ??  how you crush your reputation with one fool act of yours?

24. Food was served and strangely was by passing one table, that too of bloggers ! strange. very strange. Nighat of Catalyst came to rescue or we might have fainted of hunger (mind you it was a long long show) . And Yes, Magnum is the dessert of the time 🙂

25. Oooooh and Amina Sheikh Showed Ahmed Butt how a catwalk is done. Loved it .. with Madonna’s Vogue played at the back. YES! loved it.

26. Best dressed at LUX awards were picked by Sanam Chaudry and Umair Tabbani.




Author: umairhmirza


24 thoughts on “LUX STYLE AWARDS 2012 – Night to remember – HIGHLIGHTS

  1. Thank you for posting Tapu’s photos. Love em. And great job with your blog. Its starting to look pretty impressive 🙂 hugs

  2. wow! sounds like so much fun! 😛

  3. I like this review of the event as the details you gave and the personal touch can never be found anywhere else.

    Looks like you had an amazing night 😀


  4. you wrote and portrayed it very well 🙂 and yes it ended at 3ish :@
    hey dint u forget to mention the attendance of so many irrelevant people who even dont know the spelling of FAYSHUN (fashion) attending this starry night in full swing, mano yeh mehfil jesay unhee k liay sajayee rakhi ho :S even having that BLUE invitation card i had to sit back with some very prominent guests from the fashion world 🙂 wont mention their names now atleast 😀
    and where was Ms. Katrina Kaif </3

  5. Glittering night recounted & remembered so well! Love you Umairica!

  6. This is absolutely a piece of Art,m talking about ur blog.. I njoyed reading and watching the LSA 2012 from the camera and the mind of urs.. Keep it up Umair..Thumbs Up.. 🙂

  7. Thanks for coming to the event & we appreciate your feedback! Looking forward to work with you in future.

  8. Awesome man very entertaining infct wholesome entertainment :p

  9. Enjoyed reading the whole event detail and sad abt the mishap you had with ur car… But all’s well that ends well.
    The pics were interesting but a lot of Page3 ppl made more of extras than many other imp personalities from TV or Fashion world. I’m a big fan and follower of Lux Awards but I don’t know why it’s losing its charm… Maybe because a lot has been said about the credibility of winners and their associations with the jury and of course organizers. Fact it could be or just rumours…
    But about the blog, you did a fine job n captured some nice pics! Kudos

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