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The global economy may be on the brink once again, but it’s not all doom and gloom: there are some great opportunities for jet-setters amidst the turmoil. We’ve shortlisted ten emerging destinations whose local currencies have nose-dived in recent months, so you can stretch your holiday cash further while experiencing the must-see cities of tomorrow.

1. Jakarta, Indonesia.  Western investors may be pulling their money out of Indonesia as the rupiah weakens, but sprawling Jakarta feels as high-octane as ever. Here you’ll find staggering skyscrapers, frenetic commerce and the region’s wildest nightlife, along with almost 30 million Indonesians striving to reach the upper echelons. July also marks the beginning of the dry season – the most comfortable time to explore South-East Asia’s largest city.

2. Bucharest, Romania.  Romania doesn’t use the relatively stable Euro (its unit of currency is the leu), so the European debt crisis has hit…

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