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Club Genova opened its doors on June 30th in Defence Karachi, with a Launch event that was handled and produced by Catwalk Productions along with Catalyst PR and Marketing.

As most of you are aware that Genova, nicknamed ‘La Superba’ (the superb one) due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks, is the largest port city of Italy. The immediate thing that comes to mind is that you are going to be treated with Italian cuisine at Club Genova but they have Mexican food too. The cherry on top at the Club Genova are Fidel Castro’s favorite Cuban Cohiba Cigars.

How is Club Genova unique? Well, Club Genova is probably the only place in Karachi where you will find three different themes under one roof. The restaurant: very Italian. The cigar lounge: extremely classic and cozy and the Cafe: very modern. We recommend: Have a drink and some appetizers at…

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